How To Create Content To Attract Your Target Audience As A New Blogger

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How To Create Content To Attract Your Target Audience As A New Blogger

December 4, 2018

by Yours Truly

Do you post content regularly on your blog but still not attracting the audience you really want?

As a new blogger, you hear it all the time. The leading question in almost every article or workbook is “Describe your target audience.”

Well, how the heck should you know?

Hang tight, because today we are going to chat about how to figure out the best type of content to create to attract your niche audience, a.k.a. attract people to your blog, that will result in an engaged audience of loyal fans that will link back to your site through their articles and email campaigns, hanging onto your every word and eventually trust you enough to buy from you!



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Your Target Audience Is Basically A Mirror Image Of Yourself



I mean, to an extent, yeah, you can dream up who you imagine is reading your blog but most of us are starting a blog based around our own likes and passions so doesn’t it seem fitting that we are the very type of target market we are looking for?

While you are persistently creating lead magnets that you “think” people will like based on the fact that your probably creating it because you like it, your email list certainly will grow...but, slooooow.


In order to create a show-stopping lead magnet that converts your visitors to subscribers, surveying the subscribers you do get, will help you discover what it is the people you are attracting, want.

You need to take advantage of every sign-up, right when you have them at, “hello.” Ha!  Jerry McGuire, anyone? 

While your email list is building momentum, here are a couple of tips that you can use in the meantime to gather information so that you can start creating and busting out “I need this in my life” type of material!



Tip 1 | Start An Email List Before You Promote Your Lead Magnet.


First things first...Create a Welcome Email Sequence.


This is tough when you are a beginner blogger but you should at least create a Thank you email and a Survey email to start with.


Since I share tips on how to start a blog on a budget, I recommend starting your email list with *Mailerlite


With their free version, email automations and segmenting are included. (I just high-fived you :-)


Set up your welcome sequence as an automation so that when someone opts in for your lead magnet, they are automatically entered into your email welcome automation funnel.


As your blog grows, your Welcome Email Sequence will change. Your second email could end up being a list of your favorite tools and tips where you can add in your own products and/or affiliate products that you have purchased, used, and endorse followed by your survey email.


To keep things simple, start your Welcome Email Sequence with... secret weapon for all things email is this  *little eBook ;-)


  • Thank you email - Same day that they sign up to your list

    • Introduce yourself

    • Remind them how they got on your list

    • What they can expect to receive from being on your list

    • How often they can expect to hear from you

    • Ask them to follow you on social media. The channels you actually interact on.

    • Ask them to join your Facebook Group

    • Instead of writing a few paragraphs, make it easier for your new subscriber to take action by creating a list of what you want them to do next...

      • [After Intro] Here's what you should do next...

      • Whitelist my email address so you never miss an email or offer from me

      • Follow me on Social media/Facebook Group - leave your social handles

      • Sign up for your awesome free or paid course

      • See you (Insert day your next email is due to hit their box) with a quick survey you can fill out so that I can get to know you and your blog/business.

    • Keep it brief. 


>> The above example can be applied to any niche.<<



>> Maybe someone signed up to your blog because you teach awesome techniques to crochet patterns and someone like me is looking for advice on how to process the steps to create patterns in my head vs. visually so that I can execute it without having to watch a video EVERY SINGLE TIME I TRY TO CROCHET!


Haha. Can you help me with that??


  • Survey email - 1 day after intro email.

    • Create a survey in Google Forms with questions for your subscribers to answer such as what they need, want, and struggle with to succeed.

    • Link the survey to the second email in your welcome sequence. (Paste the survey link to a button in your email template.) Usually, the second email is an appropriate time to get to know them. It shows you care and that you want to help. In this email, let them know that you want to help them overcome some area in your niche that they battling with. Present the linked survey so that you can better create what they need.


  • Create a spreadsheet in Google Sheets to keep track of the answers and topics that your audience is struggling with.





Tip 2 | Create A Poll In Facebook Groups

If you haven't joined niche related Facebook Groups, head to your computer and get crackin'!


Hang out and add your expertise or advice to help people out and then create a poll to ask your member friends what topics or products they'd be most interested in buying or learning about or just plain ask them what they are having trouble with within your shared niche?


  • Like I mentioned above, create a spreadsheet of the results.


  • Create articles and products related to the highest voted option. 


*Don't disregard the options in the poll that may have only received a few votes.


If an option got even 1 vote, that means there is someone or many people out there that could benefit from an article you've written or a product you've created to help them understand and implement a solution.



Stay current with your Facebook Groups. 


Check in often and participate.


Audit the threads with questions people are asking and note any topics you think you could help them with by continuing to create solutions to their problems.




>> you’ve got the exact wants and needs of your peeps so you can create the type of content that will attract more of your target audience to increase traffic to your blog as well as a bunch of ideas for future lead magnets!





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Road-map To Attract A Target Audience To Your Blog

  • Create a captivating lead magnet, freebie, or opt-in (they all mean the same thing) filled with super sweet info your fans can’t resist.


  • Promote your lead magnet - The first 2 places you should start as a new blogger is on Pinterest and in niche related Facebook Groups.


  • Create a poll in niche related Facebook Groups.


  • In promotional threads in Facebook Groups, Add link to your survey


  • People sign up for your lead magnet resulting in email subscribers. i.e. Building Your Email List.


  • Your welcome email sequence begins. 


  • Your survey is getting responses.


  • You’re tracking answers in a Google sheet or a *Trello Board.


  • Begin brainstorming & outlining ideas for blog posts, courses, or challenges based on your subscribers' answers. (I use Trello to create workflows for all of my ideas.)


  • Time to capitalize by creating ways to help people succeed.


Again...Boom! You’re building your tribe all while gaining intel to what your peeps need so you can create the right types of content to continue to attract your ideal blog audience ;-)



Based on the answers of your new subscribers, you can begin to brainstorm types of content that will help answer their questions, creating the perfect, niche specific, subscriber nabbing lead magnets. Try to say that 3 times, fast! Haha.



Blog Traffic Tip 1 | Promote your blog on social media, not just Google


While prepping your blog posts with killer SEO will help you get noticed by your target audience on the internet, It’s never wise to put all of your eggs in one basket.


Spread your content around like wild-fire!


People are everywhere so start with one or social media channels to promote your blog on and build your audience.


When you've got one or two channels running on autopilot, learn another platform and see if you can further attract an audience and continue to build your email list.


Blog Traffic Tip 2 | Diversify The Way You Blog


Posting videos can be a whole lot easier than getting your thoughts down on paper.

Creating videos of you talking about your blog post or showing how to do something is another way to get you noticed by your target audience.

For some, the idea of talking on camera is vomit provoking. Before you spew, all I recommend is that you start fiddling with videos.

Start with Screencasting. This will give you practice setting up and using a webcam. I use this *webcam to record and *Screencastify to record my computer screen.


Screencastify offers a free plan and a paid plan for $2/mnth with more editing features and unlimited recording length, edit in multiple videos, download as an Mp4, and upload directly to Youtube and Google Drive.


Tips to Get Started With Video


Create a Fake Facebook Group. You’ll need to have a Facebook Business Page to create a Facebook Group. When your Facebook Business Page is established and you click to create a group, you'll have to invite at least one friend to your group.


I know that sounds scary but it's a good challenge to have 1 audience member.


Invite your bestie or someone you feel comfortable with. Most likely, they will never get the notification that you are about to go live but if they do, and hop in your fake group to watch, it’s someone you trust and won't judge you. 


It's a good way to familiarize yourself with the tech side of things and practice being on camera.


You can play around with different backgrounds. Lighting is important. I have 1 window in my office so I tend to record myself late afternoon when the sun comes around to that window.


I also prop my laptop up on books so I'm not looking down into my webcam, showing off my double chin, and whats up my nose. Haha.  :-)


I have no short term memory capabilities so I create cue cards using Google Slides and read them from my iPad that I attach to a *desk clamp behind my webcam.

When you are ready to get serious about going live in your real FB Group, in a video for your blog or Youtube, there are more steps you will need to take to get the message out that you are about to go live, just posted a new vid to youtube or up on the blog.


I'ts never too early to start experimenting with video if you haven't already.


Remember, people are everywhere. If you don't promote your blog on other social media channels, you could be missing out a ton of potential customers.



Final tip:


When you are starting out, you may not even have a niche set in stone. You are writing and researching and scanning other blogs for inspiration and poof! You decide to take a left turn down another niche road.

If you are still in niche limbo, clarity will come over time. Continue to write and learn every blogging tip that you can until that aha moment strikes.


Then you can really begin narrowing in on the type of lead magnet you'll create to attract a targeted audience over to your blog and buying your helpful products.






As always, stay classy,








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