Get Unlimited Blog Post and Product Ideas With This One Email Trick

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Get Unlimited Blog Post and Product Ideas With This One Email Trick

February 12, 2019

by Yours Truly


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When you’ve been blogging for a while on a particular topic or in particular niche, it’s not uncommon to feel like you’re running out of blog post ideas. Heck, it can even happen early on in your blogging career when you’ve gotten your first 10 or so posts under your belt. Or maybe you’re sitting there at your computer wondering if what you’re writing is what your readers are looking for. Are your blog posts attracting your ideal audience?








| Survey Your Readers To Get Unlimited Blog Post and Product Ideas.

Once you’re starting to build a following and a readership, even if it’s small one, you can start emailing your readers, asking them for topic ideas.



This works particularly well if you took my advice from yesterday and started setting up your first email list. In that case, one of the automated *welcome emails should be to ask them what else they would like to see on the blog. 



| How To Create An Email Survey To Invite Feedback For Product and Blog Post Ideas


You can create this email using simple text asking them to reply with their answers or head over to Google Forms and set up a form with 2-3 questions such as what they’re struggling with in your niche, what they want to see more of, and any else you think would be beneficial to know that’s related to your niche.



Keep the questions to a minimum so your readers don’t get turned off. As busy bloggers, one thing we don’t have is time to fill out long surveys😊



| Where To Place Your Email Survey To Capture Feedback

Don’t forget to occasionally mention a request for topic ideas in your blog posts or on your social media posts. 



Try adding a note to your blog side bar that you link to a post with a contact form or straight to your Survey Google Form.



How you get the reader input doesn’t really matter. The important thing is to ask them what type of content they want and then accommodate them as and when it is appropriate. 


Don’t feel like you have to honor every single request. Pick and choose the ones that make sense for your blog and that will benefit at least a few of your readers.



Sometimes these requests will try to pull you off topic on your blog. Just jot those requests down in a *Trello Board in case they’ll come in handy down the road and focus on the ones that make sense for what you’re currently doing with your blog. 




| Ways To Create Content From Reader Feedback



How you make use of these requests is up to you. You can use them simply as suggestions and then write your own blog post on the topic.  Alternatively, you can treat them similar to the email blog posts we talked about a while back. 



In that case, start with a little intro to the topic, copy and paste the reader request and then wrap it up with your reply.




Sometimes this makes sense and it’s a great way to not only get the blog post written quickly but also share some social proof (you’re getting good questions and you’re taking the time to answer them on your blog). 



Other times the suggestions you get from your survey email to invite unlimited blog post and product ideas will be so vague that you’re better off writing a blog post from scratch. If you’re really lucky, you’ll get a great topic idea that will inspire a whole series of blog posts. Pick, choose and use whatever method works best for each request. 




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