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Blog Planner - Plan Your Content For Blogging Success

August 10, 2018

by Yours Truly

UPDATED: 11/07/2019



I know that many people prefer to track anything from Blog Post Ideas and Outlines, Meal Planning, Budgeting to Pinterest, Email, and Social Media Promotions, using pen and paper.


I am one of those people!


There is something satisfying about writing down your goals or checking off a task from your never ending to-do list and jot down content ideas in your blog planner while curled up in front of your favorite horror classic :-)



Click the image to sign up and download your blog planner!


This post may contain *Affiliate Links. Visit my Disclosure for more information:-)




Coming from a paper and pen gal, myself, If I don’t write down my blog goals and monitor their progress, I will never achieve what I set out to do, and that’s to retire from my Hair Salon and rescue more animals in need while doing what I love...writing, learning, problem solving, and strategizing. Plain and simple...BLOGGING!



Don’t get me wrong...I also use the digital platform *Trello to help keep my blog organized and cut down on wasting paper and ink (SAVE THE TREES!) by using boards with lists to keep track of my Pin URLs, Pin Descriptions, Social Media Captions, Lead Magnet Sign Up URL, Blog Post URLs, and my navigation URLs. (Among many other things.)



  • I mentioned saving paper and ink above. To do that I purchased these *Dry Erase Pockets from Amazon to put all of my planner pages in.




  1. Print off your planner pages once

  2. Place them in a Dry Erase Pocket

  3. Check off your boxes

  4. Erase and Repeat!


Using the Dry Erase Pockets with markers to cut down on waste and Trello Boards to keep track of those URLs saves me a boat load of time and money.



It’s so important for us bloggers to keep track of where we are in our blogging journey. Tracking our Blog Traffic and being able to gauge better where to put most of our energy is key for time management.



I am all for helping my fellow, busy blogging entrepreneurs find a way to do keep track of everything in your blogging business, fast, efficiently, and effectively.



For my paper loving comrades, I’ve created a FREE Printable Blog Planner just for you.





    1. 35-Point Blog Post Checklist

    2. Affiliate Tracker

    3. Blog Post Checklist

    4. Blog Post Outline

    5. Blog Post Promotion Checklist

    6. Hashtag Tracker

    7. Instagram Growth Checklist

    8. Monthly Social Media Campaign

    9. Keyword Tracker

    10. Monthly Stats

    11. SEO Checklist

    12. Username & Password Tracker

    13. Weekly Email Planner

    14. Facebook Promo Schedule




      • Save time and be able to spend the saved hours with your family, friends, animals, or hobbies.

      • Clear your mind from the stress of not knowing what you are doing or where you are going with your blog.

      • Build your blog, email list, and social media marketing FASTER because you won't be mindlessly deciding what to work on next.

      • Inspire you to create your own printables

      • Keep you on track and build a solid plan for blogging growth.

      • Stay Organized - Se La Vie to napkins or post it notes all over your house, glove compartment, or better yet, the bottom of your purse (ugh)


      Planners of all types, well, in a nutshell, just plain ole help you to plan better:-)




      The idea is to come up with a couple of lose themes for each month, or even each week. To make your own blogging calendar, get out a monthly calendar, or grab a notebook and dedicate a page to each month. 


      • Next, look through your regular calendar and make note of seasons and holidays. Jot down a few blogging ideas for each in the appropriate months. For example, if you’re a food blogger, you may want to plan some grilling recipes for May in celebration of and preparation for Memorial Day and some red white and blue dishes for 4th of July (in the US). 


      • You can get also find all sorts of funny, interesting, and obscure holidays online. There’s a pancake day, a hot chocolate day and more. is a good resource for finding wacky holidays you can blog about.



      • Another great option is to leverage the research conducted by the magazines in your niche. Head online or dig out your stack of saved magazines and look at the covers. You can usually figure out general these for certain months. Take note of those themes and see what you can use with your own blog.



      The nice thing with any blogging calendar is that you can write it out once and then use it for years to come. Sure, you can add and change things out, but the basic structure is there and if you keep the themes and ideas loose enough, you’ll come up with fresh blog post ideas year after year. 






      1. Stress


      Being organized from month to month also relieves your subconsciousness which is important for a healthy mental well being.



      When you don't have a plan, don't have anything written down on a calendar, subconsciously, you stress out, whether you know it or not. To avoid being stressed out and overwhelmed all the time, try incorporating a Time Management strategy to free you from the overwhelm of building and growing your side-hustle while juggling real-life. 



      I never thought I'd be able to stick to a set plan, and I don't because let's face it, crazy things pop up almost ever day that are out of our control. To adhere to some sort of timely schedule, I check my schedule every morning and evening and rearrange my day as needed. This way I always know what I need to get done and the money-making tasks that I need to focus on.



      I schedule posts to social media through the best Social media scheduling tool that I've ever used called Tassi. Where else can you get Done-For-You posts that you can set up in under 2 hours a month?



      To further help you I've got 10 Time Management tips that you can begin to implement and incorporate into your new time management schedule today 



      2. Overwhelm


      Stress is what will cause you to walk away from your blog because you'll be so overwhelmed by #AllTheThings.



      If you write out all of your ideas and thoughts, you'll have a guided to-do list and you'll sail through your tasks as fast and fierce as the changing ocean tides.



      If you feel like your spending way too much time mindlessly staring at your computer, not doing anything to constructively grow your blog, you can't expect to make any money at it. 



      If you have no idea what the heck you are going to blog about, week to week, or you have no digital organization skills whatsoever, then a Blog Planner To Help You Plan Your Content For Blogging Success is just what you need!



      Click  for More Blogging Resources to Help You Blog Better...





      Pin me for later!




      As always, stay classy and keep taking initiative,



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