Write These 2 Types Of Blog Posts For Traffic and Recognition

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Write These 2 Types Of Blog Posts For Traffic and To Get Your Blog On The Map

February 9, 2019

by Yours Truly


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We’ve spent the last two days talking more about “how-to” type information like using images and Interlinking posts. (Did you catch how I’m using the cross linking technique in today’s post?). It’s about time we got back to content creation.




Today’s quick content idea actually ties in well with Interlinking because you’ll be doing a bunch of it. It’s another great way to showcase some of your older blog posts that have lost momentum and get them a little extra attention. 



I’m sure you’ve seen "Best Of" and “Roundup” blog posts across the web. These 2 types of blog posts are a perfect way to bring traffic back to your blog, getting some recognition and reigniting your older blog posts.



Have you ever researched and written one of your own? Even if you have, I’m challenging you to put together and write another compilation post.






 This post may contain *Affiliate links. Head over to read my Disclosure :-)






| What Is A "Best Of" Blog Post?


If you’re not familiar with the idea, let me give you the quick rundown. A "Best Of" Blog post is nothing more than a list of links to posts on a related topic.




Let’s say you have a recipe blog where you share a variety of recipes. You could do a post about no-bake desserts or kid-friendly slow cooker recipes. You introduce your readers to the topic and then just make a list of all the recipes on your site that follow that theme. Link to them all and if you’re feeling ambitious, add a little paragraph about each recipe and a picture of the dish. 



You can do this for any type of blog. If you blog about online marketing, make a "best list building tips" post. If you’re blogging about weight loss, write up a "best weight lost tips for cardiac patients" post. If you’re a parenting blogger, share "15 entertaining summer crafts to keep your little ones busy." 




| What Is A "Roundup" Blog Post?


A "Roundup" is a type of blog post that features contributions from other bloggers in your related niche. This one takes a bit more time to pull together because you will be researching and rounding up a bunch of other bloggers and linking to their content.




Let's say you are writing a blog post about "the 10 best gluten free deserts on Pinterest". Before you write the article, you'll want to research some spectacular recipes and make a note of the URL leading to the recipe and the blog it's housed on. Before you publish the article, email all of the bloggers who's recipe you are linking to and let them know that you are featuring their recipe in your blog post and linking to their site.




| Tips For Writing A Roundup Post


Another type of "Roundup" post could be "Beginner Knitting advice from 20 Industry Leaders".



Get your schpeal together then research some knitting blogs and make a list of the ones you'd like to feature. While their, visit their contact page and jot down their email address or go ahead and fill out their contact form right then and there. 



Make sure your schpeal sheds light on what your blog post is about. Ask them for their best knitting advice for newbie knitters and ask how they'd prefer to have you link to them...a recipe, product, blog post, lead magnet, or homepage just to name a few.



Once you get the blog post written that links to their content, write them a follow up email to let them know that your post is "live" and ask if they wouldn't mind sharing it with their audience and if they could tag you when and if they share it on social media.




Pin me for later!






| Tips To Finding "Best of" or "Roundup" Content


  • Browse through your blog posts and make a list of thematically related posts that you can compile into a “Best Of” type of post. 


  • For a "Best Of" post, I find it helps to focus on one category at a time. Open Trello, Google Docs, or Drafts and get to work starting a few “best of” posts.



  • Scan Facebook groups to see what people are asking in your niche. Keep an ongoing catalog of these questions to use for your next expert "Roundup" type of post.


  • Look through your own blog posts and look for a topic to provoke a question where various experts can share their insights with you for your "Roundup" post.



Don’t think that you’re limited to your own blog posts. There’s no reason why you can’t link to posts by other bloggers in your niche. It’s a great way to support your friends and get to know other bloggers. Who knows, you may find other ways to collaborate once you establish that relationship. Just don’t use anyone’s images or more than a snippet of text without their permission. 



Since "Best Of" and "Roundup" posts are such a treasure trove of information on one specific topic, they are much more likely to get shared around the web and social media. Especially if you take the time to come up with a catchy title for your post and create a pretty collage image that makes it easy to share on social media. 




| Multiple Ways To Promote Your "Best Of" or "Roundup" Posts...


Don't forget to promote your new blog post to attract traffic!


  • Ask the other bloggers to share with their audience

  • Email your list

  • Promote on Pinterest with multiple pins and in Pinterest Groups.

  • Facebook Groups

  • Your own Facebook Biz page

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

Heck, use

  • Pinterest Promoted Pins

  • Facebook Ads

  • Instagram Ads, and

  • Twitter Ads to get your new post in front of more people.



Final tip for maximum traffic...


When you are writing a post for social media, tag all of the bloggers that you featured so that their audience can click to read the blog post. HELLO, BLOG TRAFFIC AND RECOGNITION!













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