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Tassi - The Best Time-Saving Social Media Scheduler For Busy Bloggers

December 23, 2018

by Yours Truly

Social Media Marketing and Blogging go together like ink to a pen.



To get your blog in front of the most people possible, you need to promote your hard work in every way imaginable.



I don’t know about you but time is never on my side as a solopreneur and animal mom.



I have to set my goals for the week ahead with intentions or next thing you know, it’s 5 o’clock and I’ve completed zilch but managed to pick away at a few small blogging tasks. 



The daily tasks to start, grow, and build a business, alone mind you, can seem so overwhelming that it’s easy to make excuses to avoid tackling big projects like social media marketing.



To set my goals and organize my weekly to-do’s, I enlist the help of two online tools, *Trello for my Workflows and Organization and *Tassi, sister to Monthly Marketing Solved, The Best All-In-One Social Media Marketing Planner and Scheduler that generates Done-For-You graphics, Post topics, and Pre-written status prompts for the busy blogger like you.



With these trusty online tools in my arsenal, I can organize my blogging workflow to spend my time wisely doing keyword research, outlining posts, creating graphics, setting up and executing my social media content plan in less than 2 hours a month!



While being organized and having my social media scheduled for an entire month, I have oodles of time to work on more money-making tasks to grow my online blogging business and take my mutts for an extra run or car ride :-) 



I know it sounds too good to be true and you’ve heard this schpeal time and time again, but hear me out, Tassi is a new player in the game of Social Media Management Software and I’m incredibly eager to help spread the word about her to my blogging community.



Let’s just say that If Tassi stock were available to purchase, I’m confident I’d become a millionaire because there is nothing like it on the market.




 *Affiliate may be used throughout my blog posts. Refer to my disclaimer.




Let's start from the beginning for a minute...


What is Social Media Marketing?


Social media marketing is the process of gaining traffic through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.


> The process of bringing in traffic from social media marketing is to:

  • Create a post to include a caption of what the image is about and what you want your reader to do, also known as a Call To Action - CTA.

  • Upload an image 

  • Type in a link/URL that leads people back to your blog to read an article, opt-in for your lead magnet, or buy your products.

The act of clicking through your link/URL is considered TRAFFIC.





Use Tassi To Automate A Social Media Plan That Works For Bloggers


The thought of posting to every platform seems time-consuming hence why bloggers choose 1-3 platforms to post consistently on.


This is where automating your blog posts for the month using an all-in-one social media scheduler will help you post consistently so that you get in front of your audience on a regular basis, gaining trust to bring in sales all while growing your community.


To successfully automate your social media marketing you need a plan. For the times when you are feeling less than inspired, *Tassi creates a marketing plan for you.


With a plethora of done-for-you statuses to spark engagement from your audience, gain email subscribers, inspiring quotes, graphics from content categories like Holidays, engagement, funny, promotional, and blank, there isn't anything to keep you from finding the time to schedule 30 days worth of engaging content to promote your blog and grow your current audience.





Key Features of Tassi - The Best Time-Saving Social Media Scheduler For Busy Bloggers


  • You are free to brand the images by adding your logo and/or inputting your own text 

  • Choose from the smart marketing calendar of pre-written statuses or write your own

  • Add a URL to direct traffic to your blog/lead-magnet landing page/products

  • Add hashtags for more reach on Twitter

  • Schedule to Facebook Business Page and Twitter simultaneously or individually

  • Add as many posts to a calendar day as you’d like

  • Holidays are pre-loaded on your monthly calendar so you’ll never forget to post on a Holiday.

  • Pre-written statuses telling you what to post 

  • Edit the Time of day you want Tassi to send out each post

  • Promote New and Older blog posts

  • Set up reminders so you never forget to write a blog post or send out your weekly newsletter

  • Attract new followers by posting consistently.

  • Go back and modify your saved posts or add new posts

  • New calendar every month with fresh content to post! 




Pin me to read later or schedule to *Tailwind!




How To Automate Your Social Media Posts Using Tassi


Scheduling 30 days of content each month is as simple as:


  • Log in to access your Smart Calendar


  • Click to schedule the smart calendar suggested post or click the (+) to build a custom post


  • Choose the Post Body Topic


  • Choose the Post Status, click "re-word" until you find the status you want or write your own


  • Click to choose a graphic from one of the content libraries and edit to brand the image with your logo, custom text, or upload your own graphic.


  • Add hashtags


  • Add a Url to direct traffic back to your blog or lead magnet


  • Modify the time of day you want Tassi to schedule your post


  • Click Save




It's that simple!



Promote Your Affiliate Links On Autopilot



One of my favorite types of posts to add to my calendar is the Social Task - Share Resource Content. 


I add it to my calendar at least 2 times per week and edit the caption to give a blurb as to what the resource is that I am sharing with my audience.



>> This is a great post to add to your calendar as a way to promote your affiliate links. <<



It's as easy as:


  1. Click the plus sign to add the Social Task- Share Resource Content.





2. Briefly tell them what the resource is and a key feature to pull them in









3. Add the URL to your affiliate blog post or straight to the affiliate product page (or both to test which method gets the most clicks)



4. Edit the date it's to be posted



5. Click Save




ME: You can promote affiliate links to make passive income while you sleep! 


YOU: Uhm, where can I sign up?


ME: I thought you'd never ask ;-)




*I want Tassi in my life!


















>> WATCH THIS DEMO FROM KAT to see how Tassi, the best time-saving social media scheduler for busy bloggers works so you can start scheduling your social media content in under 1 hour a month! (2 hours if you're setting up promotions and uploading your own graphics;-)




What The Competitors Won't Give You


  • Smart Marketing Calendar to eliminate guessing what to post                     ​

  • Custom Graphics to save you tons of time                      

  • Pre-written Statuses to get more engagement and subscribers                      

  • Image Editing to brand the done-for-you graphics or upload your own




How Much Does Tassi Cost?


When you consider what it would cost you to hire a Virtual Assistant or Social Media Manager (we're talking $100's of dollars a month) to write captions, design graphics, research hashtags, and schedule your posts everyday for 1 month to multiple social platforms, Tassi is a fraction of that cost coming in at just $47/month!



"Holy, canoli! All these features for $47/mnth"?

I know, right? Kat is creating affordable systems to help us grow and succeed.


The time you'll get back everyday is worth the recurring monthly fee alone but for the stressful headaches Tassi will spare you from? PRICELESS.





As always, stay classy,






Click the image to sign up and get time back in your blogging business.


























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