Social Media Marketing Strategies For Bloggers

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Social Media Marketing Strategies For Bloggers

June 18, 2018

by Yours Truly

Monthly Marketing Solved

is like having a Social Media Manager working by your side.




*This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on any of them, I'll may make a small commission and it is greatly appreciated. Thank you for supporting this lil blog!Read my full disclosure here.



Ok, we bloggers hear over and over again, that in order to make money from blogging, we first need to get traffic over to our blog.


Without traffic, you can’t build an email list, sell your own products, or make affiliate sales.


Well that is all fine and dandy, but if your are a new blogger or you’ve been blogging for a while but are now ready to start getting your brand out there, you might be asking yourself, “how do I get traffic to my site?”


If either case applies to you, (this is beneficial even for the intermediate blogger) I’m glad you found my blog post.


Ask anyone in FB Groups or wherever you enjoy interacting with other bloggers and they will tell you their vague idea of how to get eyes on your blog.


I don’t know about you, but I was always left guessing after someone gave me their 6 word sentence on how I could get traffic. Even a link to a resource would have been more helpful.



I want to share with you, the resource that I personally use to get eyes on my blog:


It’s an online service called Monthly Marketing Solved.


This is by far the best social media and marketing training agency, in my opinion.


There are so many videos covering social media and marketing trainings that are made available by the CEO of Marketing Solved, Kat Sullivan, that you won’t need to look anywhere else for any of your marketing needs.


I am 99.9% (c’mon, is anything ever 100%?) confident that you’ll take so much information away from any of the products and services, that I had to become an affiliate and help spread the word (not that they need my help, lol) to hopefully help all of the beginner bloggers out there learn strategic growth hacks to get their blogging business off the ground.


My personal favorite (IF I had to pick) feature in Monthly Marketing Solved is the Video Vault.


There are sooo many video trainings covering every aspect of social media, growth strategies, sales funnels, how to create graphics, building your email list, how to drive traffic, FB lead & sales systems, the list goes on!




Wherever you are in your blogging business, there is a training available and waiting to be viewed by you in Marketing Solved.



All that you need to do today is TAKE ACTION!




Schedule me to Tailwind or just pin me!



There is so much information you'll want to gobble up right out of the gates and by all means, go ahead!


Browse through every detail and once you’ve familiarized yourself with the features inside of Monthly Marketing Solved, go to the training this is most relevant to where you are currently in your blog growth or about to come up on and focus on that one area and implement every tip that Kat so kindly gives to you.


If there is one thing that you could spend your hard earned money on every month when you are just starting out, It’s of course, the best social media management tool out there, (in my opinion) Monthly Marketing Solved.


I’m not only an affiliate, I’m a "paying" member


I can confidently suggest products from Monthly Marketing Solved through first hand knowledge.


I am currently a member of Monthly Marketing Solved and in the past, I’ve purchased a couple of trainings when I was first starting my blog and looking for ways to market and get traffic.


Kat is incredibly knowledgeable, and her delivery in her videos is clear and concise.


I look forward to her FB Lives so much that I even mark myself out at work for a couple of hours so I don’t miss it. Sure I could watch the replay later,  but being able to interact with Kat and other viewers is much more fun!


Listen, as a solo business owner, we have to wear many hats in order to grow and make money.



➽ If you do one thing today, make it something that frees up more time in your business so that you can focus on other areas that will make you money!!



What you will find inside of Monthly Marketing Solved: 


  • Done For You Social Media Graphics - These graphics are ready for you to add your logo and post to your social media accounts. Choose from a huge library of quotes, motivation, famous quotes, funny, promotional, engaging, and more.


  • Monthly Marketing Schedule and Calendar - This was the perfect addition to my own blogging planner pages. The Marketing Schedule and Calendar, takes the guesswork out of your marketing. This calendar tells you what to post, when to post, when to email, when to promote, and how to get the most out of your month. Plus an editable calendar for you to create your own.


  • Blank Graphic Templates - Have a special promotion or a blog post you want to share? Grab one of these blank graphic templates and add your text and logo to customize them completely.


  • Pre-written Social Media Statuses -  Choose from engaging, funny, quotes, or promotional statuses to easily share with your audience.


  • Blogging Topics & Email Subjects -  Oh-Em-Gee! Talk about inspiration. If you are experiencing writer's block, this list of blogging topics and email subject lines will spark some creative thoughts. Use this pre-made list of topics to write to your audience and promote your business.


  • Worksheets & Trackers -  These will keep you on top of your goals and your results. Monthly and Weekly Planners, Stats Trackers, Goal Sheets, Blog Post Brainstorm, Promotional Ideas, and more.


  • BONUSES - Extra Monthly Content, Curated Collection of Graphics, Social Media Strategy, Templates, Cheat Sheets and More!







My favorite social media tool in Monthly Marketing Solved?






Take a look at what you get!


➽ Funnel Designs


✎ Market Research Strategies


➽ Facebook Messenger Bots


✎ Build Your Email List Quickly


➽ Canva Master Class


✎ Creating Digital Downloads


➽ Twitter Domination


✎ Facebook Lead System


➽ Instagram Sales and Automation


✎ Ad Lab


➽ How To Get Social Media Followers


✎ Facebook Audience Targeting


➽ Automation and Sales Sequences


✎ 8 Places You’re Missing Business


➽ Master Your Pitches and Promos


✎ Blogging For Business


➽ Quick Start Your Sales with Intro Products


✎ How To Drive Traffic To Your Website


➽ Facebook Sales System


✎ Webinar Vault


and this is just a bonus part of the program!!



My advise to you...


  • Don’t waste one more day sweating over developing your Social Media Marketing Strategy on your own.



  • If you are ready to get serious and start implementing proven strategies to

    • Grow your Blog Traffic

    • Social Media Growth and Engagement

    • Links to curated content

    • Social Media Marketing Tips

    • Monthly Marketing Calendar

    • Social Media Marketing Planner

And much more! Then visit Marketing Solved and see for yourself why they are your go to for all things Marketing.


Start implementing the Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Hacks that you’ll learn inside of Monthly Marketing Solved to start diverting traffic to your blog!



As always, Stay classy,













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