How To Set Up Your First Email List As A New Blogger

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How To Set Up Your First Email List As A New Blogger

February 11, 2019

by Yours Truly



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Be honest. How many times does this happen? You’re browsing on the internet, and you come across a blog post you love. You resolve to come back to the blog and read it regularly before moving on. Two hours later and you’ve completely forgotten about this great new blog you discovered. Chances are you’ll never make it back there unless a serendipitous event reunites you with the blog a few months down the road. 



Guess what… the exact same thing happens to a lot of your readers. If you don’t believe me, look at your Google Analytics stats and see how many of them are first time visitors. The vast majority of them will likely never make it back to your blog. 



That is, unless you can convince them to join your list. Once you have their email on your list of subscribers, you can keep bringing them back to your blog over and over again and build a deeper, stronger relationship with your readers. 







This post may contain *Affiliate links. Head to my disclosure page :-)





| HOW TO CREATE AN EMAIL LIST - Steps To Setting Up Your First Email List And Autoresponse Welcome Email


Building a list is easier than you think.


  • Start by signing up for a dependable Autoresponder Service like *MailerLite.


  • Set up your first Group. [Usually this group is your attached to your Lead Magnet/Opt-in/Freebie.]


  • Design your form/confirmation email/thank you message - Include a message that their first email with their lead-magnet is on it's way to their inbox and to check their spam/junk folder if they don't see it in the next few minutes and mark your emails as "safe".


  • Set up your first Workflow/Auto-response - Make sure to choose the option "Workflow begins when subscriber joins a group" Then choose the group that you just set up.


  • Write a short little email to welcome new readers -

    • Introduce yourself with a quick blurb about who you are

    • What you do and how you will help them (make it about them, not you)

    • How often they can expect an email and the type of content

    • Include the Link to their lead-magnet/opt-in/freebie


  • Write more emails to include in your Welcome Sequence when you can. If you're stumped for ideas on what the heck to write...Here is an invaluable resource that I purchased to help me develop my email welcome sequences.



  • Grab the code or URL link for the opt-in form.

    • TIP: You can embed the opt-in form anywhere on your site or add an image that you create in Canva or design platform of choice and link the image with the sign up URL. I choose that latter option so that my sign up image is more visually appealing. You can also create and add sign up buttons anywhere on your blog and add the URL link to the button and it will lead your new follower to the sign up page.


  • Stick it in your sidebar or even better add it to the bottom of your blog posts (or do both). This alone is the perfect spot to get in front of your new audience and get people onto your list. 



From there you can expand and start to learn more about list building. Things you want to look into are...


1. Building a dedicated landing page for your lead magnet/opt-in.




2. Pop-up opt-in forms are a toss up. You'll get a lot of opinions on pop-ups and I'm pretty sure Google was or is penalizing pop ups on mobile because they are, well, quite annoying and get in the way. I personally click away as soon as one interrupts my visit to a blog or website. With so many ways to prompt a potential sign up among the slew of ways to lure traffic to your blog, do you really need to be "in your face" about it? But, please, do some research, test it out, and do what's best for your blog.







Once you get your opt-in page set up, PROMOTE YOUR LEAD MAGNET by;


  • Linking to it from your social media profiles

  • When you write an article for another blogger as a guest blogger

  • In your blog posts

  • Promote in Facebook Groups

  • Add it to your navigation menu

  • Sidebar of your blog and

  • Tell any email subscribers you acquired prior to having a lead magnet in place.




There’s a lot more to learn about list building, but this should get you started in the right direction. Once you get your first few subscribers, it’s time to start emailing them regularly. 

Send a quick email every time you publish a new blog post, or if you do a lot of posting, consider doing a weekly recap type email instead.




The main idea is to keep bringing them back to your blog and turn them into your loyal fans and regular readers. Once that happens, chances are good that they will start to share your blog, lead magnet and individual blog post links within their circle. Since everyone has social media profiles these days, that could amount to quite a bit of new traffic for you. 





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