#1 Tip To Avoid Online Entrepreneur Burnout So You Can Scale Your Busi

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#1 Tip To Avoid Online Entrepreneur Burnout So You Can Scale Your Business

June 21, 2019

by Yours Truly





What was your reason for starting your blog or other online business? Financial freedom? No bosses? No office politics? You want to help people? Needed a creative outlet?



All of these reasons (and the others that are floating in your head) are admirable and should inspire you to reach high for your goals but the only way to reach those goals is to stay focused on your main mission (scaling your blog) and not on admin tasks.



Jill-of-all-Trades (think Jack of all trades;) are those bloggers who feel the need to do everything themselves (you can't see me but I'm raising my hand because I'm one of them).



They schedule their own client appointments, answer emails, handle customer service issues, learn new platforms (learn anything related to online entrepreneurship, really), and do their own monthly bookkeeping leaving no time to research new blog topics, keywords, create graphics, promote on social media, fill their Tailwind or Smarterqueue schedule, nevermind have time to CREATE PRODUCTS FOR PROFITS!



Plus all the myriad marketing tasks that are necessary to attract readers and grow their audience and email list.



If you’re so focused on ALL of these admin and marketing tasks, how much time are you really dedicating to your online business and blog? The money is with your paying audience so you need to provide value by creating posts and products, yet all the other admin and marketing tasks are certainly necessary. How do you split your time To Avoid Online Entrepreneur Burnout So You Can Scale Your Business?




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| #1 Tip To Avoid Online Entrepreneur Burnout So You Can Scale Your Business.


Quite simply, it’s time to delegate your administrative tasks to an assistant. It’s your choice to hire a Virtual Assistant, who works remotely from their home office, or an administrative assistant, who lives nearby and comes into your office to do physical tasks.



You can find Virtual assistants on Upwork and Fiverr who work in all different states and countries or specifically search for one who works near you. This would be beneficial if you'd like to meet in-person monthly or quarterly to go over details and catch up.



| What Should You Delegate to a Virtual Assistant?


The list of tasks that you can outsource can be quite extensive. But to get you started, here are some basic tasks that you can look for:


Either of these assistants can;

  1. Write content - Blog/Landing pages/Email newsletter/Social media captions

  2. Audio & Video editing

  3. Answer the office phone

  4. Schedule appointments

  5. Answer questions about your courses, services, or workshops

  6. Create graphics

  7. Research and edit blog posts

  8. Market on Social Media

  9. Even keep your social media profiles updated.



For something as specialized as your financial books, hiring a CPA or a certified bookkeeper is important. Not only are they bound by confidentiality and a code of ethics but they know how to keep accurate records, what deductions you are eligible for as a blogging online business owner, and how to organize everything so your solo tax efforts don't send up a red flag to the IRS.



If hiring a professional CPA isn't in your budget this year, at least opt in to the full package with whichever online tax prep software you choose so that you can get help 24/7 by a certified CPA and tax prep specialist.



| Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant


In general, hiring experts in their field is a wise business investment, even when it comes to hiring administrative assistants. Those with solid job experience can finish tasks much more quickly and efficiently (and with fewer mistakes) than someone with less experience, or even you!


Remember the last time you tried learning a new software? There’s a learning curve to everything; why put yourself through that, wasting precious time and money, when there are experts who can implement that software in half the time?



*Also, a word of caution when hiring. Be very clear on the tasks you need completed and what skills you want in an assistant. Absolutely anyone can say they are an administrative assistant or a VA, even if they have limited experience.



Go through an interview process, ask for references, call those references. Your business is important so you want to hire a qualified applicant.





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