4 Benefits Of Interlinking Blog Posts For SEO, Traffic, and Growth

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4 Benefits Of Interlinking Blog Posts For SEO, Traffic, and Growth

February 8, 2019

by Yours Truly


*UPDATED 11/06/2019



As your blog starts to grow and you’re adding more and more posts, chances are readers won’t see every single post you write. Why not make it easy for them to find related content by Interlinking it where appropriate. 



 This post may contain *Affiliate links. Head to my disclosure page :-)





The term Interlink means adding a URL to specific text within your blog post. That text then acts as the anchor text which takes the visitor to another related article on your blog or away from your blog.



Let’s say you blog about social media marketing and this particular post talks about using images effectively on Facebook. You could link within that post to an older post where you talk about using images on Twitter, or a more specific post where you explained how to fix things when Facebook doesn’t pull up the right image from your site. Do you see how this works? 


Let’s look at another example. Let’s say you’re writing a recipe blog and you’re sharing a new recipe for an amazing BLT tomato salad. You could link to an older post where you shared how to cook bacon in the oven. This pretty easy stuff, right? 



In most software's, you can add a URL to any text by...

  • Highlighting the text using your mouse and depending what software you are using,

  • Click the link option

  • Paste the URL

  • Click to save.


Most links on the internet are the familiar blue color that you see when reading anything over the web. This let's us know that the text is clickable and will lead us to another resource. You can however, change the color, underline, bold, and/or italicize the text on your blog.



Now when someone is reading your post and sees your underlined text in the traditional blue or whatever color you choose, they will know that the text is clickable and will lead them to another relevant article or free resource on your blog.






  1. Establish A Relationship known as the "Like & Trust" Factor


This strategy serves a few different purposes. You’re engaging your readers by providing them with more of your helpful content. This gives them a chance to get to know you and your blog a little better, establishing the "Like & Trust" factor, turning them into impending buyers of your own products or those affiliate products you personally have purchased and recommend.



Inter-Linking blog posts has a positive influence on your readers. You’re going out of your way to be helpful and share all sorts of great information with them. Not only does this allow your readers to get to know you better, it also builds credibility and trust which is exactly what you want.



2. Increase Traffic To Make Sales


Inner-linking to other relevant articles on your blog keeps visitors hanging around longer which means chances are greater that they will see and click on more of your affiliate links and make a purchase , discover your lead-magnets and become a prospective loyal follower, or ideally they'll love YOUR products and support your income and longevity by purchasing from your shop.



With longer bouts of time spent on your blog, also comes more exposure to your ads and your visitor numbers will start to look better.



3. Visit Duration and Analytics


By inter-linking to other relevant articles on your blog, visitors are hanging around to read your posts for longer duration's of time.



It also helps you with search engines, believe it or not. They keep track of how long readers stay on your site and if they click around to read more. This is an indication of the quality of your content and your blog. In other words, if you can get readers to stick around longer, creating lower bounce rates, it will help your blog rank higher in the search engines. 



4. Create More Opportunities To Leave Comments & Share Your Posts On Social Media


Last but not least, the more pages you convince your readers to take a look at, the higher your chances that they’ll comment or share your links on social media. That, in turn, will help you broaden your reach and grow your audience




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As always,

Stay Classy & Keep Taking Initiative,





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