Turn Your Instagram Stories Into Highlights

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Instagram Highlights: How To Turn Your Instagram Stories Into Highlights

March 9, 2018

by Yours Truly




What are Instagram Highlights


Instagram Highlights are the best content from your stories. They are the clips that you don’t want to disappear.

While a story appears on your Instagram profile for only 24 hours (you have the option to save them, however) a highlight lives forever unless you choose to delete it. On your Instagram profile, highlights are referred to as reels and are located just below your bio and right above your feed. You’ll see 4 grey circles. These will be where your highlights go.


On my Instagram, I customized my highlights to fit my brand by creating a highlights that incorporate my brand colors, and fonts. You are allowed 16 characters, so you want to keep the name of the highlight, short.  I have 3 highlights so far that I’ve labeled BLOG, MUTTS (for a look into my personal life with my fur kiddos) and FREE!







*This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on any of them, I'll may make a small commission and it is greatly appreciated. Thank you for supporting this lil blog!

Read my full disclosure here.




If you are new to Instagram Stories, start with this post, first.





How I create my Instagram Highlights


I created my stories using Canva with dimensions of 1080wide x 1920high...Font is centered in the middle of the design with the font size of 130 but this could differ for you depending on the type of font you choose. Best practice would be to choose the name of your highlight, then pick your font and stretch the text to fit the width of your design template. Don’t forget to utilize the letter spacing feature in Canva so you can bring the letters closer together or space them farther apart....This way they are front and center and easy to read from any phone.


Upload the Instagram story design that you created in Canva (or from some other design platform) to your Instagram story, then continue on to save it as a highlight. You can create the name of your highlight and choose which image will be the highlight cover image. You can change this up anytime you want.


*TIP: Don’t delete the branded image from your story because it will delete it from your highlight.


For Example, when I share a post to Instagram about a new blog post, I then create and share an Instagram story about my new blog post, I take that a step further and save that story as a highlight. (I

show you how to do this in the video below.) This way when anyone clicks my highlight labeled BLOG, all of my blog highlights are there...forever.


Since I don’t have 10,000 followers yet (not even close) I include a story with a Call To Action which is for the viewer to click the link in my profile which leads them to my Linktree account where they can go read my blog. I also type in the URL of the blog post in my regular instagram post.


If you have quite a few entries, and no option for them to swipe up to be directed straight to your blog post, this could be make it hard for your reader to find the relevant blog post. Implement a search bar on your blog so that your visitors can type in the title of your blog post to make searching for it, easy peasy!






Use hashtags and location tags


Don’t forget to add a hashtag for your story. You don’t want to clutter your story with more that 1-2 hashtags but by adding one, when a person clicks the hashtag, they can find all of your stories relevant to that hashtag.


Add a location tag to your image too. A location tag will help you to be discovered by others in your area.


*TIP: When someone clicks your hashtag, they leave your story. Only include a hashtag if it is beneficial to you. If your hashtag leads people to a place where they will find all of your blog post stories, that could be beneficial.






How To Upload Your Instagram Stories and save them as Highlights



Create an Instagram Highlights Album

The Instagram Highlights feature started rolling out to all users in December, and although not all users may have it yet, most should. Those who have it will notice the Story Highlights section beneath the bio on their Instagram profile. If you haven’t created any highlights yet, the circles will be gray.


You can create a new highlight album from either your profile or add them to your current story.

>Add a Highlight From Your Profile

To create a highlight album from your profile, tap on the + sign in the Story Highlights section.





When you tap the + sign, your archived images pop up. Images are automatically archived now by default on Instagram. You can customize your settings to also save images automatically to camera roll but by saving it to your Instagram archive, you free up room on your phone.


From the archives, click the images you want to add to a highlight.






>Add a highlight to a current story


Click your Instagram cover photo to open your story, then click the image with the blue + sign in the upper left corner of your phone screen to add images to your story.


To create a Highlight, click the heart in a circle at the bottom right of your phone screen.





From this screen, you can click the + sign to add a new highlight or click to add to an existing highlight.






When you click the + sign to add a new highlight, you'll be prompted to add the name of your highlight. This is where you'll have to brainstorm a bit to come up with a word, under 16 characters that conveys what your highlight is about.





BONUS: Highlight Board Covers


The cover photo for your new highlight will be the first photo you uploaded. If your image isn't centered properly, you drag to re-position it as well as pinch it to make it smaller or larger.


Once you add more images to your highlight, you can edit which image will be your highlight cover.

In the example image below, you can see that I have other images in that particular highlight. This is where I could switch my highlight cover image simply by clicking on the preferred image, then, centering it properly.


I personally optimize my cover photos in Canva, with dimensions of 1080 x 1920. I adjust the font size so that my highlight name fits across the center of the template. Canva has a tool that automatically helps to adjust your elements to the center of your template. Thanks Canva!


If you don't have time or the desire to create your own Instagram Story Templates, you can find lots of beautifully created templates by designers over on *Creative Market.





>How to add or delete highlights


Once you’ve set up a highlight, you can always add more images to your story or even remove posts from the album.

To add more content, select the highlight and tap on the three-dot More button at the bottom right of the screen.





Select Edit Highlight and then tap the Archive tab to access your story posts. Any posts currently part of the highlight will be faded and designated with a check mark. Select one or more posts to add to the highlight and tap Done when complete.


You can also upload your new story, then immediately save it to a highlight.




>To remove a highlight


open the highlight, when the image appears that you don't want in your highlight anymore, click the 3 dots above where it says More on the bottom right of your phone screen and press Remove From Highlight.


You can remove the highlight but the photo will remain in your archive. You can delete it from your archive it you choose.



*TIP: You can add more albums following the same process listed above. I've seen up to 20 albums on a couple of feeds. When viewing your profile, however, only four highlight albums will be clearly displayed. If you have more than 4 highlights, anyone visiting your profile will hopefully know to scroll left to see your other highlights. 


Take some time to decide which 4 highlight albums you want to be showcased since these are the first 4 people will see when they visit your account unless they scroll to view any other albums you have.


At this point, there isn't a way to rearrange your highlight albums. The first highlight album that you add will continue to move down the line to the right as you add new albums. Keep that in mind so you don't have to create new highlight albums down the road.



Just a quick recap

  • Create a design/story in Canva or other design program of choice.

  • Dimensions: 1080w x 1920h pixels

  • From your iPhone, open the Canva app

  • Choose the design you created

  • Click the download icon in the upper right of screen

  • Click to save to your photos

  • Open Instagram

  • Click your profile photo to create a story or + sign for Highlight

  • Upload image

  • Click the heart in a circle icon on lower right of phone screen to create highlight

  • Save Story Images to highlight album

  • To add to your story, click to open your story, click your image on the top left of the screen with the blue + sign, add an image to your story.

  •  To create a highlight album from your home screen, click the + sign where your highlights are, to open an album and create a name.


On that note

There are so many ways you can use Instagram stories to promote your blog or business. Do some research and get creative!


The only way you’ll master a platform is to get your hands dirty!! Now get over to the Gram and have some fun!






















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