How To Write An Honest Product Review Blog Post

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How To Write An Honest Product Review Post

February 14, 2019

by Yours Truly


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Product reviews among bloggers and blog readers have gotten a bit of bad rep over the past few years, as many companies send products to bloggers for free along with a set of talking points or benefits to mention that have been crafted by their PR team and Advertising Agency. Let’s just say the end result wasn’t always an honest review of the product. 


Let's look at this from a couple of perspectives...


Maybe the blogger isn't confident enough to speak up and let the sponsor know that after using the product, they don't feel comfortable promoting it to their community for fear of not getting offers in the future or worse, not having some FREE sponsorship's under their belt to get them to the PAID sponsorship's faster.


Maybe the blogger isn't taking the time to really get intimate with the sponsor product(s). Instead, they just scour other information on the product and mimic whats been written already to get the post published faster or they plain ole don't know how to articulate an honest review without sounding like a sales person.


>> All that being said, I think there’s still a place and a need for good product reviews and they can make great content for your blog but you’ve got to do it right. Readers can spot a phony review from a mile away and it will hurt your credibility. An honest review of a product you’ve actually used on the other hand can be very helpful. 








| Tips To Reviewing Products Honestly


  • Only review products you’re actually using and are finding helpful or worth the money. Don’t review something just to make a quick buck on a sponsored post or affiliate commission. Keep the big picture in mind. You want to be a source of value to your readers. 


  • Get acquainted with the product, especially an online software or digital product. Really dive in and use it for 2-4 weeks to learn the ins and outs. Implement it into your blog or business. After all, if you are promoting it to your audience, you must have found it excitingly useful or better yet, you are still using it and your audience can trust that it's worth the investment.


  • Check out some other posts written on the product for inspiration but please, don't copy. Earn your audience's trust on your own, not with someone else's work or words.


  • Talk about what the product has done for you in your business. Did it save you time? Did it make things easier? Did it give you back time with your family? Were you able to organize your biz or life with ease? Was it life changing in your business? Did it make you feel confident, safe? Take your time and write down the benefits with a blurb from the heart. Being Authentic is key here.


  • Use the product and put it through its paces. How is it working? How is it holding up? What do you love about it, what do you hate about. Who would you recommend it for and is it something you’ll continue to use. That’s all valuable information that your readers are looking for. Use your own pictures and possibly even a video. Unbox the product along with a demo of you using it. 



I'll reiterate...I recommend you only review products you’ve bought yourself. Mention that in the review. It adds a lot of credibility to your product review. If you wouldn’t buy it, why would you expect your readers to fork over their hard earned money? 



Don’t be afraid to point out anything you don’t like about a product. Let your readers know if you think it’s a deal breaker, or if not, how you’re getting around it or why you’re continuing to use it despite the drawbacks. Maybe a kitchen appliance isn’t easy to clean, but it does such a great job that it’s worth the messy clean-up job. 


Mentioning anything you don’t like about a product again lends credibility to your review. Your readers will pay more attention and be more likely to take you up on the recommendation if you sound credible. Try it. 


Implementing these tips and product review posts can become a popular and potentially profitable part of your content marketing schedule. 




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