How To Quickly Brainstorm A Blog Post Idea

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How To Quickly Find A Blog Post Idea

February 4, 2019

by Yours Truly

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Coming up with fresh content ideas for your blog isn't always easy. Today I have a great new content tip for you to quickly find a blog post idea and the best part, is that some of your post is already written!  




It’s a bit like getting to skip ahead of the line and perfect for those busy days when your calendar is full but you want to get a blog post published.






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| Gather Questions From Your Comment Section


Keep an eye out for questions in the comments section of your blog. Copy & Paste  them in a Trello board, horde them so that when you need a quick post, you can take that question and develop a blog post that answers the question. That was easy, wasn’t it?




You can even copy & paste the question from the comments into a social media post, give a glimpse of the answer and invite readers to click to visit and read your blog post for the full story.




Don't keep your prospective new audience waiting for an answer to their burning questions. Answer your readers right away when you see a comment come up. Keep a mental tab on this question and ask yourself this:




1. Will other people have the same question? (99% of the time the answer will be yes)

2. Is there more I can share on the topic?




If you answer yes to both questions (and you likely should), then the question qualifies for a follow up blog post. And that’s exactly what it is; a follow up to the original comment question and your answer.





| How To Write A Q&A Blog Post


Start by introducing the topic or question. Share the question with your readers and let them know that the question couldn't be answered in a few short sentences so you wanted to provide them with a blog post to include a detailed answer, thus why you wrote this new blog post for them.




Share the answer you gave the reader in the original comment and elaborate as you see fit. That’s it!  A quick and easy blog post and for a portion all you had to do was copy and paste.




Format it, add a graphic and you’re ready to hit publish. Rinse and repeat with other questions as they pop up in your comments. Readers love these types of posts because they often had the exact same question, but they were too shy to ask.







Don't forget to share the Q&A post on social media and especially with your email list.




If you find yourself with quite a few questions, you may even want to make this a new featured category on your blog. It will quickly become a valuable resource to your readers.

It will save you time in the long run.




By being thorough in your answer, it will not only apply to this exact question, but a multitude of related questions that pop up in the future.




And when the comments DO pop up again,  all you have to do is reply with the link to the post that answers their question.




Think of it as a way to create your own personal FAQ section of the blog.





Pin this for later!














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