Quick Tips To Get Started With Video In Your Blog Posts

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Quick Tips To Get Started With Video In Your Blog Posts

March 1, 2019

by Yours Truly


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We’ve been working hard and putting a lot of effort into our blog posts over the past month. Since we’re about to wrap up this 30 Day Blogging challenge, and have been working hard, I thought I’d share something quick and easy with you today. 


Let’s talk about adding videos to your blog posts. We’ll cover a couple of different questions you may have including why you would want to include them, how to record and include your own, as well as how to include other people’s videos in your posts. 




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No, Vlogging hasn't killed traditional blogging. Instead, adding video's to some or all of your blog posts enhances and adds more value to the content you already have.


Implementing video helps to grow your reach overall, capturing the attention of visual learners. Currently, more than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day. That's just the tip of the video iceburg! If you're interested in learning more, here are 37 Staggering Video Marketing Statistics for you to check out. 


Let’s start by talking about why embedding videos in your posts can be a good idea.


1.  The first is engagement. Yes, we’ve talked about this a lot. That’s because it is important. If you’re not engaging your readers, your blog can’t thrive. And not all “readers” (I’m using that term loosely), respond well to text. Yes, a blog is a written medium, but technology has given us options. We can embed audio and video files into our posts. And if you’re using Wix or WordPress, it’s very easy to do. Keep things interesting for your readers by adding videos where it makes sense.



Here is how to embed video in the New Wix Blog

Here is how to embed video in the Old Wix Blog


2.  The second big benefit is that it will keep readers on the page longer. We may not always sit down and read a long blog post, but we may watch a video. And that means your visitors stay on your site longer, which in turn will help you with Search Engine Results. 






1.  You can record a related video on your phone and then upload it to YouTube, or you can host a Facebook Live which will automatically be recorded and then you can upload that to YouTube, too. You can either embed your video mp4. file to your blog posts or embed the YouTube URL.


2.  Another option is to find a related YouTube video that someone else has recorded and embed that in your post. The main thing you want to keep in mind is that the video should enhance your content or your written content should enhance the video, if the video is the main reason you put the post together. 


>> Let’s run through an example or two to make that a little clearer...


EXAMPLE 1 - Let’s say you’re in the gardening niche and you write a blog post about growing tomatoes from seeds. Your post walks them through the process step by step and one of those steps is to eventually replant the tomato seedlings in your garden bed.


You could include a video where you show them how to do the replanting. This would be a good example of a post where the video enhances the rest of the blog post. 


EXAMPLE 2 - Now let’s Imagine the video is the main feature. You’ve probably seen these short cooking videos all over Facebook and YouTube (my favorite one is Tasty).


Let’s say you create one for homemade tomato sauce and embed it in your post. You may include a short little text intro, then the video and below it a written recipe for the sauce with short and to the point directions. The text enhances the usability of the video and lickedy split, you've got yourself a blog post!




This post is meant to get your wheels turning about how you can implement video in your blog posts. To get started, look through some of your blog posts and note some ideas of what type of video you can create to compliment your blog posts. 



Are you already using video content to enhance your blog and appeal to a broader audience? Comment below and let me know!




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