How To Find Keywords On Pinterest To Create A Pin Description

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How To Find Keywords On Pinterest To Create A Pin Description

July 14, 2018

by Yours Truly

How To Use Pinterest SEO To Rank #1


Every blogger eventually gets to the point where it’s time to dive, head first into learning more about implementing Best SEO Practices on their site and within blog articles.


When I started getting serious about SEO about 5 months in from the start of my blog, it was mind blowing how fast one of my pins popped up during one of my random searches in the #1 slot and I wasn’t even looking for it!



 (My Rich Pins weren't activated yet, hence why there isn't any text under my photo...woopsy!)




It's worth it to take the time now to research keywords for your blog posts and pins so you don’t have to go back and redo your previous posts, images/pins, and pin descriptions.


*If you have a slew of published posts, just create a new pin with better SEO. Now you’ll have a new pin image to revive your older content, to share on Pinterest!



New pins = New content in the eyes of Pinterest which is a plus!


Pinterest is a visual search engine which means it’s easy to see the search terms that people are looking for on Pinterest.



New to Pinterest?  I created a course for beginner bloggers to get your Pinterest Account set up properly all while saving you precious, boat loads of time. Check it out!



How To Search For Keywords To Use In Your Pin Descriptions:

  • Open Pinterest

  • Type in a word or two around what your blog post is to be about and click enter





Multiple tiles beneath the search bar should pop up (If your keywords have multiple, related popular search terms.)




​so you can take any of the top tiles and add it in with your search bar keyword(s). 


For instance, Pinterest Marketing, add in the tile "Strategies" add in the tile "For Bloggers."


You should then, create a board titled "Pinterest Marketing Strategies For Bloggers" especially if that topic is something you are going to be writing about. 


You could then create a few more related boards with other keywords such as "Pinterest Marketing Tips" Pinterest SEO Tips" and "How To Use Pinterest."


That one initial blog post could be pinned to all of these boards at different times.



*Tip - You can keep clicking on tiles until there are none left to find even more long tail keywords.


*The tiles at the beginning are the top searched keywords. Opt to incorporate those as your blog post topic/title.



I won't sugar coat it...I've revamped my Pinterest Boards 3 times now. It took me 3 days to to research keywords, what people are pinning on Pinterest, and creating new board cover images. (I'm still working on re-creating my board descriptions.)



Best practices for naming your Boards:

  • Research Keywords to see what types of content people are searching for, related to your niche.

  • Create board names using the keyword results from your search

  • Create board covers overlayed in text with your board name

  • Use keywords to develop your board description

  • Choose a category for your board. Try to find something close to what your content is about vs. choosing "Other."



Use the search terms as your keywords when:

  • Titling your blog post

  • Writing your blog post - Include them throughout your content.

  • Developing Pin descriptions - Place the title at the beginning of your pin description

  • Creating a pin image - Place the title on your image.

  • Naming your Pinterest Boards. - Boards//People//Hashtags are searchable too.

  • Saving an image - Name the file using your blog post title



I can’t live without the search bar in Pinterest, my new favorite SEO Tool, Kwfinder, and of course, good ole Google for researching the best keywords to use for titling my blog posts and creating content.


I use them all in conjunction when creating blog content and Pin descriptions.


I created a spreadsheet in Google Drive as part of my Pinterest Planner, that I use to record my findings. My Pinterest Planner is available to you for FREE in my resource library.



Use the spreadsheet to create your pin descriptions and keep track of:


  1. Keywords from the Pinterest search bar results

  2. Keywords from Kwfinder

  3. People also ask (From Google search results - mid way down)

  4. Related Searches (Bottom of Google search results)

  5. Develop Pin Description #1 incorporating as many keywords as possible in a way that makes sense when being read

  6. Develop Pin Description #2 in the same manner as Pin Description #1

(Because Pinterest prefers new content so It’s best practices to mix up your pin descriptions.)


   7. Hashtags from the Pinterest search bar or from niche related pin descriptions of other bloggers.




After the keywords, pin descriptions, and hashtags have been researched and recorded:


  • The writing process begins

  • Keywords are placed throughout your post as you write

  • Blog images are created and saved with keyword file names - Title of blog post (Which should have one or more keywords)

  • Blog Images are uploaded into your blog manager

  • Then Copy & Paste Pin Descriptions with hashtags from the planner, into the Alt Text area of the image.

  • After you publish the post, you can easily publish the image to Pinterest from your desktop files or from your live blog post

  • Once It’s first pinned to the Board hosting all of your own content on Pinterest, you are able to pin it manually or schedule it to more of your personal boards or to Pinterest Group Boards from desktop - file explorer, Tailwind Browser Extension, or Schedule to Tailwind from within Pinterest.

  • Again, thanks to your Keyword planner, ready to go, you can copy & Paste the Pin description to enter into your pin and copy & Paste your URL from your live site.   






Click the image to pin for me!! :-)






A little tip for easy access to your blog post urls:


*I recommend keeping a record of all of your blog post URLs for when you need them quick. I use Trello to keep my blog URLs organized, my sign up links, as well as my affiliate links, I even keep my pin descriptions in there!


Maybe I'll create a quick video to show I do this or better yet, create a TRELLO board to share with you for FREE!


Hollar if you'd like this!



Hope these lil tips help you fill your pin descriptions with keywords so that you can rank #1 on Pinterest!



As always, stay classy,






Need some more marketing help? Here are a couple of tools that I use to up my Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing strategies:









Oh and don't forget to grab a bunch of downloads!


  • Blog Planner

  • Pinterest Planner

  • Branding Guides

  • 45 FREE Tools to start and grow your Blog!























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