How To Create Dozens Of Blog Post Ideas Using Your Blog Categories

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How To Create Dozens Of Blog Post Ideas Using Your Blog Categories

February 1, 2019

by Yours Truly


UPDATED 11/7/2019



Have you ever thought to create dozens of blog posts based on your blog's categories? There is nothing worse than sitting in front of your laptop, attempting to write a new blog post with nothing but a blank screen staring at you. We all have those days where inspiration just doesn’t strike and we can’t come up with a single workable post idea. 


Or maybe you’re in a rush and you need something quick you can write and publish so that you can stick to your blogging schedule and keep your readers happy. You don’t have the time to try to brainstorm blog post ideas from scratch.


In either scenario, it’s nice to have a list of blog post ideas ready to use. And that’s what we’ll work on today.



I’ll walk you through a simple little brainstorming exercise that will result in dozens of blog posts ideas you can use over the coming weeks and months, or whenever you need a little extra inspiration. 



And if you want even MORE tips on finding an unlimited number of content ideas to write about on your blog, you can read more about creating roundup posts, getting ideas from social media, repurpose your emails to generate content ideas, and this list of 10 different ways to craft unique blog post ideas in any niche.


Grab a notebook and pen, and let’s begin brainstorming a whole list of future blog posts that are related to the categories or topics that you write about on your blog. I prefer to do this exercise using Google Docs and *Trello, but if that’s not your thing, by all means use the worksheets I created for you in the Resource Hub, a pen and pretty notebook, spreadsheet or whatever program you prefer to keep a running list of your blog post topic ideas.




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Step 1 – Log Into Your Blog Manager/Back-end and Make a List of Your Categories 

  • Start by making a list of all the categories on your blog. You may have a pretty good idea of the main ones or the ones you use the most, but there may be some you are forgetting.


  • Log into your blogging interface and look up the categories you have set up. Copy them down in your notebook (or wherever you are are keeping this running list of blog post ideas,) leaving at least 10 lines of space below each category. 


Step 2 – Come Up With At Least 10 Blog Post Ideas Per Category 


  • Now that you have your list of categories, come up with 10 blog post ideas for each category. Don’t censor yourself, just jot down the first things that come to mind. Remember this is a brain storm.

  • Hop on Google or web browser of choice and research your ideas. Take note of the titles of the blog posts on the first page results. What are the keywords being used? How can you re-create the title using your own keywords? What's the monthly search volume? Or is there anyone even searching for the words? Researching gets your creative juices flowing. Prepare to be wowed by the fact that you'll probably get a ton of ideas from this research session.


The idea is to generate ideas, not headaches. You’re free to tweak, edit, and reject them later. For now, get them on paper and come up with a long list of potential post ideas that are related to the categories on your blog. 



Step 3 – Rinse and Repeat As Needed 

One of the best things about this technique is that you can repeat it whenever you need a new batch of blog post ideas. By the time you get back to this brain storming technique (which means you’ve used up all the previous ideas), it will be easy to come up with fresh blog post topics for each category.



Add to this running list whenever an idea springs up. Sometimes while blogging, an idea for another blog post will pop in and say hi :-)



Also, since you’re focusing on coming up with ideas for each category, no area of your blog will be neglected over the coming weeks. 

Give it a try and see if this simple idea doesn’t help you generate a long list of future blog post topics related to your blogging categories.




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As always, stay classy and keep taking initiative






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