The Best Project Management Tool For Organizing Your Blog Posts

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The Best Project Management Tool For Organizing Your Blog Posts

February 2, 2019

by Yours Truly


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Are you outlining blog post drafts to stay ahead of your content creation?



I have a quick tip for you today that will come in handy as you’re working on getting ahead on your blogging. It’s using the draft feature.



Yes, it’s handy that Wix and most other blogging platforms have a way to save your posts as drafts so you can continue to work on it over the course of a few days. It’s even better that they usually have a schedule feature so you can schedule a batch of blog posts to publish at different times.



But there’s other great ways to draft your blog posts to stay ahead of the blogging game.



You can use *Trello and Google Drive to Organize your blog post ideas, create a blog post workflow, and draft outlines that auto-save every few seconds so you never risk losing your work again! You never know :-)




 This post may contain *Affiliate links. Head to my disclosure page:-)




Let’s start with the most obvious one...



| Use Drafts to Work on Your Next Blog Post (or Two)


The most obvious way to use drafts is of course to work on your current blog post until it is ready to publish. But don’t just stop there.


If you know you have a busy day tomorrow or later on in the week, go ahead and give yourself a head start by creating an outlined draft and working on it here and there as you can fit it into your busy day. You’ll be glad you did when it comes time to wrap up that particular post.




| Use Drafts to Plan Out Your Week


You can also use drafts to plan out your blogging for the week. Let’s say you want to post 5 times per week. Come up with 5 topics and create a draft for each. Then start working on them, making sure you wrap up and publish at least one of the posts on each of your publishing days.


Not only will this keep you on track and show you at a glance what you’ll be blogging about this week, it also allows you to work on multiple posts throughout the week, giving you options when you get stuck on writing one post.




| Use Drafts as A Way of Storing Blog Post Ideas


Let’s wrap this up with my favorite way to outline drafts for my blog and how to use it as a storage container for ideas for future blog posts.



Here’s how to do it...


  • When you get an idea for a blog post, go ahead and create a draft by opening up a new document in Google Drive or adding a new card with the blog post title idea to a list that you could name "Blog Post Ideas" on your Blog Post Trello Board.



  • Come up with a working title and make a quick note of what your blog post will be about. If you’re feeling ambitious, go ahead and write a quick outline for the post. Now you've got a draft started so you've got some basic research info and facts from memory written down to help you quickly fill in content to make a new blog post.



Do this anytime you come up with an idea and save them for later. Then whenever you need something to blog about, browse through your drafts and pick one of these.



The blog post idea will be there, ready and waiting for you to turn it into a new blog post to publish on your blog. 



These drafts make for fast blog posts and are just the thing to keep you from losing your cool when you’re suffering from writers block.





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