10 Ways To Craft Unique Blog Post Ideas In Any Niche

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10 Ways To Craft Unique Blog Post Ideas In Any Niche

January 4, 2019

by Yours Truly

Coming up with unique blog post ideas to stand out in an overcrowded internet can be an aggravating time-sucker, to say the least.


If you are new to blogging, you may be so overwhelmed with ideas that you don’t know where to start, I say, just start writing! You’re writing flow will come with time. You’ll start finding that you’re able to write for a particular niche related theme with ease.


If you have been blogging forever and you’ve gone through your idea list from your Trello Board of blog post ideas, three times over to re-purpose your content, well, maybe it’s time to start a new blog, haha.


You know the feeling I’m referring too, (I'm guessing that is why you are reading this post ;-) you sit at your computer, cursor blinking like it’s imprinting on you, in “Twilight” fashion. You’ve dehydrated your creative juices, now what?



I’ve kept notes over my blogging career of how I found blog content to write about.

Below is a list of 10 ways you can find unique blog post ideas in any niche to write new content for your blog.





 (*) Asterick means affiliate and there may be links in this post. Read my disclaimer here:-)






What better way to get content ideas than to straight up ask your troops? It’s as simple as opening a Google Form, Typing 2-3 questions about their niche and struggles.


I’d keep it at 2-3 questions because time is precious to us all and if you ask us to fill out a long ass survey, well, I’ll click away. Haha.



In all seriousness, the number of questions you include is your decision to make. You may be phishing for information related to a more in-depth subject:-)






Instead of scrolling and not participating in groups like the introvert that you are...Create a poll in the groups you are a member in (if it’s allowed, if not, just ask an admin).



I’m assuming you are in niche related groups so everyone in there is doing the same thing and perhaps have the same issues or struggles.



Create a post and type in your question and add 3-5 answers for them to choose from. Allow them to write in their own option too.



For example, you may ask your fellow bloggers, what kind of lead magnet are people gobbling up from their sites? Then proceed to fill in popular lead magnets like PDF, Mini eBook, Checklist, Challenge, Video Series, Trello Board, Planner, etc.






Once you've been blogging for a while, you’ve probably gained more knowledge than you had when you started blogging.



How about writing an extension of an older blog post...kind of like a sequel :-) Who doesn’t love a good sequel? “Daddy’s Home 2”, anyone?



By creating an extension to an older blog post, you’ve created an opportunity to add Internal deep links to the posts, a.k.a link the older blog post to the new blog post and vice versa, a.k.a. get your readers to stay on your blog longer by offering similar content to what they were looking for when they stumbled upon your blog from a Google Search:-)





I can give you 5 other ways you can turn your blog post into another form of deliverable, traffic driving content.


a. Video - Round up a bunch of related posts and turn them into a webinar for your current audience as well as the NEW audience you just attracted because you just promoted the heck out of this upcoming webinar of yours that will ultimately lead your flock to one of your related paid products, turning them into buying machines.



b. Podcast - Pull the audio from all or any of your videos, edit if needed and add the audio to your new podcast. (You know you want to start one;-)



c. Email Challenge - The same goes for this one, gather up a bunch of your related content and create a 5, 7, or 10-day challenge by breaking down the end result into small increments, delivered through email, every day.



d. eBook- Again, take snippets of related content from your blog posts and create an eye-catching eBook to put up for sale in your brand new shop. If you haven't opened up a shop, now is the time ;-)



e. Course - Now don't let this word scare you. I hated school so the word "course" makes me think of my dreaded high school days but I LOVE ONLINE COURSES!

You can create a text-based course or a course with a mix of text, images, and video. Your choice. 



I use the *Teachable platform to create my courses, so naturally, I recommend you try them out but do some research and find the platform that works for you to create your online classroom.



>> Want to know the ultimate reason why you should diversify your blog posts? MONAAAY!



Yep, that's right. You can turn around and package up these lil beauties and sell them to your raving fans. In that new shop you are creating.



Don't think people will buy your stuff?



Think again. Not everyone wants to spend countless hours, mindlessly scouring your blog or the internet for all the information on how to do something when they can buy your product that will help them get from point A to point B way faster than reading a zillion contradicting blog posts.





Visit your favorite bloggers in your niche. See what they are up to and think about other ways you can deliver the same message or what information they might be leaving out of their blog posts.



It’s easy to get inspiration from reading articles. You aren’t copying...You are reading their great stuff, ready to receive your own light bulb moment.



Picture it, Sicily, 1952 (any fellow Golden Girls lovers here?) You are looking for a "meatball" recipe so you search Pinterest, duh.



80,000 recipes pop up...hmmm, how many types of meatballs can there be? 



The creators of these recipes follow the same recipe but put their own twist on it. Make sense?



Your Grandmothers recipe probably ain't your grandmother's recipe. It was her mothers, and her mothers before that and her mother from Sicily before that.




* Interested in learning more about Strategic Content Curation to grow your blog?





Such as Google Trends, Ubersuggest, and Buzz sumo to see what hot topics are trending and going viral!



BuzzSumo is cool because you can see what content in your niche performs the best and which types of blog posts written by your fellow niche bloggers are doing well as far as social media shares, evergreen scoring, and the total number of engagements on the post.



If it's a hit, write something similar and put some stank on it!






I'm kidding. But seriously, while you are leaving a thoughtful comment on your favorite bloggers new blog post (or older post) take a minute to look through any previous comments (however, try to be the first to leave a paragraph length sentence when their new blog post hits the streets) to see if there is any insightful info that you can write your next Pulitzer prize winning article about.




If you aren’t networking and have made some blogging buddies by now, I suggest you work on reaching out and developing relationships with other bloggers of all niches.



Not everyone will interact but eventually, you’ll grab the attention of a fellow biz bud and become fast friends, bouncing ideas off each other and holding each other accountable.



Nobody understands your online life better than someone else who’s living it, too.



If your buds are in different niches, ask them to scan their own audience to see what problems they are having, if they’d be interested in your niche - If yes, your blogging biz bud can link to your blog lead magnet or a post with the hopes to pique their interest and become a subscriber!





Sick of seeing the same ole crap written in your niche?



Well, when you’ve been blogging for a while, you’ll probably read a lot of information that you will disagree with.



Write your blog posts from experience, try to turn off the suggestive noise from the internet, become one with your topic, and write from your true experience.





Feature a rising star in your niche, Influential work at home moms, your favorite pod-casters, or whatever else you can think of from your own Facebook Group or another group that you are in.



Write a post on the wall of the group (if it’s allowed) and ask people what their profession is and that you’d like to find a few complementary niches to feature in a blog post that would link back to them.



Once your eager interviewees take the bait, write up some questions that will get them to open up about what it is they do and who they serve. Get them to tell their story in fine detail.



HINT: Everyone loves a “rags to riches” story ;-)



Email the questionnaire to them, review their answers and take notes, then schedule a call to chat.



Write your post, link to their site or the particular landing page you both agreed on like their lead magnet sign up form.



Then send them the blurb you wrote for their approval. (Not like they’ll disapprove, it’s just a respect thing with me.)



They’ll be so tickled that you featured them on your blog because let’s face it, we all love exposure lol that they’ll link to your blog post in their email campaigns, social media posts, and maybe even in their own blog posts.



Yipeeee! FREE TRAFFIC FROM A NEW AUDIENCE! (Insert image of me doing the running man...err, did I just date myself)?



Related: 4 Benefits Of Hosting and Guest Posting With Your Fellow Bloggers





Well, that’s all I've got up my sleeve on the fly.



I hope you found these tips helpful for the next time you are trying to craft unique blog post ideas in your niche!



Let's get a conversation going!

Leave me a comment below and let me know if you've used these tips or which ones you’ll try:-)






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