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Write For Blogging Profits

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Learn the anatomy of the perfect blog post.

  • Digital eBook Download

A FREE course for Beginner Bloggers

Let me show you what the heck to do for the first 31 days of starting a blog

  • Change your Mindset - Think like a blogger

  • Discover your Purpose & Blog Name 

  • Which Blogging platform is right for you

  • Which Email Service Should you sign up for?

  • Build your Brand

  • Plan & Create your Blog Pages

  • Design your Email sign up forms

  • Research and Compose 5 Niche Blog Posts over 13 days

  • Set up Google Analytics and get your blog indexed

  • Brainstorm and Create Lead Magnets to use as your content upgrades

  • Keep the momentum going with a list of 10-20 minute blogging tasks you can do to keep building your blog

  • Join Facebook Groups & start promoting your awesome blog!

Here's a lil peak...

Does this ring a bell?

You’ve been thinking about Starting A Blog for a while but are overwhelmed with #AllTheThings that goes into the said blog, have been duped into thinking that you have to be a software engineer to design a blog, fearful of the naysayers who may not like what you are blogging about...


(FACT: There will be haters, GET OVER IT because you'll have SUPPORTERS of your content, too!) and wondering if you are TOO late to the blogging game, well put those roadblocks to the side because we don't have time to waste on #EXCUSES !!


YES, there is a lot that goes into blogging but with guidance and patience, it doesn’t have to be intimidating and scary.




What You Can Expect...

Daily modules with actionable prompts detailing a specific task and how to execute it.

A complimentary 60-page workbook to help you stay organized while building your blog, help bring clarity, discover your blog's purpose, and create a design plan.

IF YOU DO THE WORK, you'll have a completely designed blog with 5 blog posts published that you can start promoting to capture leads and build your email list.

Still not convinced?

Did I mention that the course and workbook are yours, FREE?