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31 Days To Start A Blog

Condition Your Brain with a Positive Mindset

Retrain Your Brain To Think Like A Successful Blogger.

Now I know you may be waiting with anticipation to get started on the fun stuff, but I want to start this month off with something that has recently become a staple in my everyday life...A Positive Mindset.


In 2017, I discovered a YouTube video called "Laws of Attraction." I'd heard of this topic on the Oprah show (Don't you just miss her?) quite a few years ago but never gave it much thought at the time. Fast forward to 2017, I received an email from an online business owner whom I admire stating that she recommended this specific motivational/positive affirmation recording when she feels discouraged in her business.


I was immediately intrigued so I decided to give it a listen. It was the beginning of a new journey for me into self-discovery.


From there, my search began for the perfect that recited words and phrases that I could relate to in my present that had the perfect voice behind the words (It makes a world of difference. I feel bad for saying this but there are some voices on these recordings that make my skin crawl vs. feeling positive LOL.)


Finally, I stumbled on the perfect recording, "Laws of Attraction." 

I started listening to it every night as I settled into my comfy bed.


After a few days of listening to this and setting reminders on my phone that popped up throughout the day with positive affirmations to read, I noticed that I hadn't had a bad day in SO LONG! By listening to the powerful, positive words and making them my own thoughts, I was actually able to attract positive energy all day long. 


I started making a conscious effort to turn any negative thoughts into positive ones.


For instance, If I were to catch myself saying, "I'll never get this done." I'd turn it around and say out loud, "I WILL get this done and this is what I need to do."


Give yourself a plan, a road-map to get from point A to point B so that YOU CAN do whatever it is you THINK you can't do. Stop giving in to your negative thoughts. You'll never build your dream life by letting them win. 

"You Can Do Anything That You Put Your Mind To"

Having a positive mindset is the key to attracting positive things in our lives. 

As a new blogger, things can get overwhelming rather quickly.


Approach blogging better equipped than most new bloggers by adopting and implementing a positive mindset into your everyday life.


>> Below are some positive affirmations that I wrote out for you.


  • Read them and take notes on how they make you feel. 

  • Read them often and set reminders on your phone with positive affirmations.

We all tend to forget simple happy thoughts and instead, dwell on the negative. It's just the way we are trained by what we see and experience in society.

Retrain Your Brain...

>> Think Like A Successful Blogger.


  • Do the positive opposite of the negative thought.

  • Set some positive affirmation reminders on your phone.

  • Write positive affirmations on a post-it note and stick on your bathroom mirror, in your car, or on the fridge.

  •  Stop Making Excuses...

  • Treat blogging as a responsibility.

  • Hard Work = Payday


  • Pick a task you've been putting off because it is lengthy and overwhelming. Break it down into a list of to-do's for the week:

To avoid becoming overwhelmed with all things blogging, do just 1 thing at a time.

  1. Monday: Step 1

  2. Tuesday: Step 2 and so on.


Breaking down large projects into smaller tasks makes getting things done a reality.


One task when you are just starting out in blogging can be a lengthy process.


For Instance, learning how to create a logo or graphic in a design program such as Canva could take a day or two or MORE if you've never designed anything online in your life!


I remember saying to myself in the beginning "Great, let's create a lead magnet to gain subscribers and grow an email list to sell too but how the heck do I create this lead magnet and which platform is the best and are any of them free? How do I choose the best email service provider and attach or deliver said lead magnet?


Instead of letting yourself get overwhelmed at the thought of learning something new and the time it's going to take, take a deep breath, grab your workbook and with a positive mind, write out all of the steps you need to take in order to make it happen and then focus only on 1 step at a time.


In my Time Management Freedom Course for Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs, I teach effective time-saving strategies to help you plan and conquer your days so you can begin to see results...a.k.a. MONEY!

Be Grateful...

>>  Really take a look at the life you have and be grateful.

Maybe you're broke but I bet you have a roof over your head.


Instead of yearning for things you can't attain right now, live in the present and look around at the little things that make your current life possible and say "Thank you."


Basic everyday things that we take for granted like somewhere to live, vehicle or public transportation, the internet, family and friends are essential to our everyday lives.


My favorite things to be grateful for are my eyes, legs, fingers, and mind - Basically, a healthy vessel to be able to create the life that I want.


When I find myself wishing I had a prettier house (I live in an old hippy house surrounded with orange wood), I think about the people in the world who would trade with me in a heartbeat and that motivates me to work even harder and quit complaining.


I want to work hard, make money and help people and animals that are less fortunate than me.



  • Write down all of the things you are grateful for. It doesn't matter what they are.

The Power Of Thought...

>>  Whether it's energy, a higher power, universal pull, or god that you believe in, it's all powered by energy.

Expand your energy in a positive way vs. expending your energy on negative thoughts, feelings or emotions.


Do things for others, give selflessly even something so small as a handwritten note vs a store-bought card will mean so much more and be that much more special to whoever receives it and YOU'LL feel better because of it.


Try it. Buy your co-worker their coffee or bring pizza for the whole crew at lunch. Donate to your favorite charity or a goFund me page even $1 or $2 will add up and help someone.


Putting out positive thoughts, believing you deserve wonderful things, thinking of others' happiness will only attract wonderful gifts into your life.



  • Write down something you've done recently or will do that was/is selfless.

"To Give Is To Receive"

Step Outside Of The Box...

>>  And by box, I mean the safe little bubble that you hide inside of when things get a little hairy or overwhelming.

Think about the feeling of success and accomplishment that you'll feel after you've pushed yourself beyond your comfort zone. 


Tackle something you normally would never have done and live through that day and relish in that experience of self-growth


Stop allowing negative thoughts and fear keep you from growing as a human being.


  • What action have you been holding back on TAKING because of fear of failure?

Tune Out The Nay-Sayers...

>>  Alright, it's no secret that some people will hang on to your every word, buy all of your products, sign up for your newsletter and some will tear you down and belittle all your hard work. That's life.

Nobody will ever please everybody.


Focus on your passions and how you're going to bring them to life through your blog.


Attract your tribe with helpful blog posts, products, and how-tos.


  • Add the following positive affirmation as a daily reminder:

"I will never be all things to all people and that is OK. I will do the things that fulfill me and will attract my like-minded community."

Beat Blogging Overwhelm...

>>  Ah, there's that word again...overwhelm. I can't say it enough because it's just so true for so many of us bloggers.

There are so many hats that we have to wear as solopreneurs in the online world that no matter how many blog posts you read on how to be a productive blogger, you'll still be overwhelmed.


As bloggers, we are naturally self-starting entrepreneurs. You can't be a successful entrepreneur by being lazy.


You are an initiative taker and a go-getter.


One of the qualities of an action taker is to take on too much at one time, creating unrealistic timelines, ultimately causing you to burn out.


To beat blogger burnout, give yourself a break. Take an extra day to reboot and reassess your goals and then rearrange your to-do list.


  • Book a night away at a hotel

  • Go hike a mountain 

  • Go for a joyride to the next state and make some discoveries.


Stepping away from the chaos is not the same as running away.


Finding clarity through a serotonin releasing activity is essential to a healthy blogging mindset.


  • List a few activities that you would like to plan for when blogging becomes too overwhelming.

"Just Do It"

Like Nike Says...

Sometimes you just gotta stand on the ledge and jump. Just make sure you have a parachute! Haha.

If blogging isn't what you thought it would be, hey, at least you can say you tried it and you won't have any regrets.


On the other hand maybe by starting a blog and developing a plan for growth, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how awesome you are at blogging that it will knock the socks off of you!


Maybe a newfound passion will emerge out of blogging and set you on a new path of self-discovery.


  • Grab your workbook or a notebook. (I know you have a few laying around)



  • Find another recording that you might like such as "Affirmations to bring money"


  • List out your fears. The roadblocks keeping you from chasing your dreams and beneath each one, write out a positive alternative phrase and repeat them to yourself when you find yourself gravitating back to your negative thoughts.




Negative thought/excuse: "It will take too long to learn how to blog and make money from it."


Positive: "Yes, blogging has a learning curve but if I do just 1 task, no matter how small, every single day, imagine where I'll be in my blogging journey a year from now??"


  • Leave sticky notes with positive affirmations on them where you'll see them throughout the day.


  • Take 1 big action you've been putting off and break it down into smaller tasks.


  • Make a list of all the things you are grateful for


  • Write someone a letter, buy someone a coffee, help a stranger. Do something selflessly for someone.


  • Challenge yourself to do something out of your comfort zone.


  • Don't concern yourself with negative haters.


  • Take some time for yourself!



 I'll see you tomorrow for Day 2.

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