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31 Days To Start A Blog

Discover your Niche, Blog Purpose, and Blog Name

Today is day 2 of the 31 Days To Start A Blog Course and I'm fired up for you because the creative process is the best part of blogging (to me anyway)!


  1. Blog Niche - Core/Main topic broken down into categories

  2. Blog Categories - What sub topic's you'll write about

  3. Blog Name - Tips to brainstorming a name for your new blog


[Maybe you have a blog name and niche nailed down already but read on anyway because the prompts may spark some new blog name ideas or niche blog topics that you'll write about.]





>> Discovering your niche can prove difficult. We are paralyzed when it comes to making a niche and blog name decision.


Don't drive yourself crazy when it comes to nailing down your niche and blog name today.


Before you can figure out the topics you'll write about on your new blog, you'll need to figure out a core niche for your blog.


There are so many niches to choose from that deciding can quickly become overwhelming.


YOU: "What if I choose a niche, design my blog, write content and then change my mind?"


ME: "Then change it!"


You're allowed to change your mind just try to do it over the next month or two because you won't have an established brand yet.


>> Don't let deciding on a niche stop you from starting a blog.

If you start your blog and change your niche later, at least you are learning how to blog in the meantime.


Core Niche:


By blogging about a specific topic, you will be seen as the go-to in your niche, the expert.


Being proficient in 1 main area shines credibility down onto other words, you know your stuff.


You write a bunch of related content and you'll attract a spot-on audience that is engaged and will stick around to read more of your posts related to their initial reason for visiting your blog.



Grab your workbook and answer the following questions:


  1. Why do you want to start a blog?

  2. What could you write or talk about until the cows come home?

  3. What do you know a lot about?

  4. Is there anything you've always wanted to learn? You could learn it and share your knowledge with others. (That's what I did)

  5. How will your blog posts help your readers?

  6. Will you give advice, reviews of products, how-to's, or video tutorials?

  7. Do you want to make $$ from your blog?


  • Main Blog Topic/Category 1:

  • Supporting Topic/Category 2:

  • Supporting Topic/Category 3:

  • Supporting Topic/Category 4:

  • Supporting Topic/Category 5:


Try to keep your categories around 5 or 6 in total on your blog. You don't want to confuse your readers. Provide them with tons of helpful information that supports the main topic/focus of your blog.





This one is always a hard one too. Deciding on a name for your blog can be grueling. I personally had a hard time deciding on a name whether it was for my business or for my blog because there was always this lurking question in the back of my mind "What if I end up hating my blog name?"


Advice? Don't think about that too hard. There may come a time, especially if you end up blogging for years, where you outgrow your blog niche and/or name. The solution? Re-brand.


Re-branding is possible, so live in the present and just remember that if the time comes when you want to take your blog another route, you can.


-Make sure you fill in the branding section of the workbook or download the Printable Branding Guide from my FREE Resource Library so that you can quickly refer to it when you need to recall the fonts or hex codes of your chosen brand colors!


Some of you may have decided on a name because you've been dreaming about starting a blog for a while, and some of you may be just starting out.


Whatever part of the blogging journey you are in, practice patience. Take your time in deciding the name of your blog. You want a name that makes you proud.



  • I keep a list of names in the notes app on my phone. That way when an idea comes to me, I can quickly store it before I forget.

  • I also type the name into my search bar to see if the name is taken.


  1. Start by writing out some blog name ideas using the prompts below. Then decide if you want to use your name or a mixture of keywords and adjectives.


Look up adjectives that evoke a feeling and words that identify who you are or whom you serve...

  • Woman

  • Wife

  • Mom

  • Sassy

  • Online Creatives

  • Designer

  • Crafter




Things to consider when using your own name for your blog name...Keep it short, easy to read, remember and spell.




Research some keywords that you'll include in the content throughout your blog. Google will crawl your site and will read your keywords so that it better knows how to index and show your content.


You can use 1 free tool and/or 1 paid tool to research 5 niche related keywords and long tail phrases which is just a phrase with 3-5 keywords.


This post will help you understand how to use KWFinder which is also a paid keyword tool to research keywords to use on your blog and help discover a blog name.




Think about words that describe the type of person you want to write for.


Millennial's, stay at home moms, college students who have a passion for cooking, professionals looking to break out of the corporate world, etc.




Did you grow up on a street with a cool name? Try adding the place you were proposed to?


In your workbook, write out these possible combinations for inspiration:













IMPORTANT! Check all social media platforms to see if your new blog name is available.


If you decide on a name for your blog, check all social media platforms to see if the name you've chosen is available.


If you haven't signed up for a hosting/web design platform, you can get the domain name FREE for the first year in Wix and Squarespace.


Wix is $14.94/yr after the first year

Squarespace is $20.00/yr after the first year


*Hold off on purchasing the domain name until tomorrow when you decide which platform you want to blog from. You'll receive a voucher to use for your domain name.




Nobody is expecting you to be on all platforms all the time. Choose a couple of platforms that you are comfortable using and plan to use to promote your blog.


The most popular are Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook but that doesn't mean your blog wouldn't have success on other platforms such as YouTube. Some bloggers are creating videos to accompany their blog posts either with how to's (Screen sharing) or talking about a topic.


Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Test other platforms as you progress. See how they are working for other bloggers in your niche.


Start small with social media. The idea is to set yourself up for success, not failure.


OK, so you've got some homework to do. Try not to overthink these two tasks.

Your workbook will be your best tool. Writing out your ideas helps to bring more ideas to the surface.


Keep your workbook by your bed at night and use the notepad pages to write down any bright ideas that might come to you in the middle of the night.



  • Grab your notebook or workbook and note important information

  • List all of the things you are passionate about or good at and could write about for days.

  • Use the tips above to write out possible blog names

  • Check to see if your blog name ideas are available

  • Check social media platforms to see if some of your blog names are available


Don't forget to hop in the Facebook Group with any questions or help with inspiration. Your brain may be blocked and asking others for help can offer fresh ideas:-)


See you tomorrow for Day 3! 

You'll purchase hosting, domain name and acquire social media handles.


>> If you haven't already, get a head start by researching blogging platforms such as Squarespace and


Rome wasn't built in a day and your blog won't be either :-)