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31 Days To Start A Blog




>> Choose an email platform to write your newsletter/create sign up forms & set up automation emails from

>> Set up a Professional Domain Email Address


First off, I want to debunk the biggest myth I hear about email marketing from new bloggers..."I don't read emails so I'm just going to promote my blog and products through social media."


While that's your prerogative, I would be doing you a disservice If I didn't quickly explain why that is a mistake.


We are living in a digital world. At any given moment, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. could all turn out their lights. 


Just recently I read an email from *Mailerlite that Facebook canceled their Business page (and they couldn't get it back) because it appeared to be spam.


If a reputable business can be marked as spam, imagine what could happen to your blog's Facebook page? Not to mention if your Facebook page goes down, so does your Facebook group and all of your members.


With that being said, if and when you start a FB Group, give your members a way to opt into your email list.


If your online communities get shut down but your people are on your list, you'll still have contact with them through email.


"But Angela, if social media could shut down, couldn't my email service provider shut down, too?"


Anything is possible when it comes to the internet but I have an easy solution in case that were to happen...


>> You can download a CSV file of your contacts to Excel or Google sheets once a month or however often you choose so that you have a backup of all of your subscribers should you need to use another email hosting service. 


Soooo NO! you shouldn’t wait to start your email list until you have more blog posts, more traffic or something to sell.


If you are not convinced that email list building is important for your blog to grow, here are just a couple other reasons you should consider...


>> A list of engaged subscribers to sell your affiliate products or your own products too.


>> Increase traffic by adding links back to your website to read a blog post or something new you've added such as a new freebie or product landing page.


Get A Professional Domain Email Address


What is a Domain Email Address?

It's an email address that ends with the domain of your blog vs. Gmail or yahoo etc.


>> A professional domain email will look like this:



You have a couple of options when it comes to getting a custom email address for your blog depending on which host you've chosen. Some offer a domain email address when you sign up for a plan with them.



*Migadu - Take my course to see how to get a free domain address 

Siteground - (Wordpress) Domain email comes with a subscription plan



Gsuite - $5/mnth = $60/yr - FREE 1st year if you sign up and blog from Squarespace but you'll pay the full price after the initial first year.


If you are budget conscious like me, I created a free course to show you how I got a professional domain email address for my blog for FREE with *Migadu and how to sync the email with your Gmail account so you receive all of your emails from all of your email addresses in one place.


*Side note: The course shows you how to sync your domain email address with Mailchimp and a Wix website but if you choose Mailerlite, they provide easy to follow instructions to help you set up your free domain email address with all of the available blogging platforms.


First, check to see if your blogging platform includes a domain email address. If so, go to your email service platform for directions on how to configure with your blog site.


If a domain email address is not included, choose one of the options above and then visit your email service platform for directions on how to configure with your blog site.


| Choose an Email Service Provider


>> Here is a list of popular Email Service Platforms that either myself or other bloggers and online business owners are using:


Mailerlite: I currently use Mailerlite because it's visually easy to navigate. 


Mailerlite is FREE up to 1,000 subscribers with unlimited emails and if the most affordable with competitive features beyond 1,000 subscribers.




  • Drag & Drop Editor - No design skills required

  • Free Templates - Done for your templates

  • Free Landing Pages - designs to choose from to link back to your site with the custom domain included.

  • Free Email Automation - Not offered by other platforms during trial periods or free subscriptions which makes Mailerlite the best choice for bloggers.

  • Pop-Ups - Capture sign-ups with a pop-up box

  • Embedded Forms - equipped with double opt-ins and thank you emails or send subscribers to a custom thank you page on your site to sell them your tripwire product.

  • List Segmenting - Segment subscribers so you can deliver customized content to their needs and wants.

  • Create Multiple groups - Any duplicate sign-ups are only counted once so you aren't paying for duplicate subscribers who join different sign-up forms.


Visit Mailerlite because there are soo many more features included!

MailChimp:  I first started my email list with Mailchimp but switched to Mailerlite. (I still love Mailchimp but Mailerlite was just easier to figure out. I love learning techy stuff but time was of the essence) 



  • Free for up to 2,000 subscribers - 12,000 emails per month

  • Landing pages - Create landing pages but pay $99/yr to add a custom domain (your site)

  • Pop Up Forms

  • Automation

  • Ecommerce features

  • Segmenting + Tagging

Visit Mailchimp for yourself because there are many more features I haven't listed!


Aweber:  Start with a 30-day free trial. Use their own servers to send your emails vs. a third-party service.

User-friendly and visually easy to navigate.


Aweber offers the same features as mentioned above so be sure to check out their website for all that they have to offer.


Convertkit: This one is popular in the blogging world. If you have some money to invest from the start, this may be a wise choice because you will find tons of blog posts to help you use the platform to its fullest potential.



  • 14-day free trial.

  • 70+ Integrations

  • Same features as mentioned above


Honestly, If I weren't so budget conscience, I'd have started my list using Convertkit because they have grown their platform with content creators in mind.


There are so many other Email Service Platforms out there so if you don't see one on this list that you like, research alternatives that best match your needs. 


Setting up a domain email address can be a bit technical and frustrating. 


Take your time with it. Reach out to your blog host and the email service provider if you need help :-)




  • Grab your workbook to write down important info

  • Explore your hosting platform and see if they offer a free domain email address and for how long?

  • Create your domain email address

  • Configure your domain email with your site 

  • Configure your new domain email with Gmail or wherever your primary email account is.



I'll see you tomorrow for Day 5!

Time to build your brand!


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