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Lewiston, Auburn, Buckfield, ME

United States

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31 Days To Start A Blog

Condition Your Brain with a Positive Mindset

Retrain Your Brain To Think Like A Successful Blogger.

Now I know you may be waiting with anticipation to get started on the fun stuff, but I want to start this month off with something that has recently become a staple in my everyday life...A Positive Mindset.


In 2017, I discovered a YouTube video called "Laws of Attraction." I'd heard of this topic on the Oprah show (Don't you just miss her?) quite a few years ago but never gave it much thought at the time. Fast forward to 2017, I received an email from an online business owner whom I admire stating that she recommended this specific motivational/positive affirmation recording when she feels discouraged in her business.


I was immediately intrigued so I decided to give it a listen. It was the beginning of a new journey for me into self-discovery.


From there, my search began for the perfect recording...one that recited words and phrases that I could relate to in my present life...one that had the perfect voice behind the words (It makes a world of difference. I feel bad for saying this but there are some voices on these recordings that make my skin crawl vs. feeling positive LOL.)


Finally, I stumbled on the perfect recording, "Laws of Attraction." 

I started listening to it every night as I settled into my comfy bed.


After a few days of listening to this and setting reminders on my phone that popped up throughout the day with positive affirmations to read, I noticed that I hadn't had a bad day in SO LONG! By listening to the powerful, positive words and making them my own thoughts, I was actually able to attract positive energy all day long. 


I started making a conscious effort to turn any negative thoughts into positive ones.


For instance, If I were to catch myself saying, "I'll never get this done." I'd turn it around and say out loud, "I WILL get this done and this is what I need to do."


Give yourself a plan, a road-map to get from point A to point B so that YOU CAN do whatever it is you THINK you can't do. Stop giving in to your negative thoughts. You'll never build your dream life by letting them win.