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30 Days Of Blog Posts Challenge

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An introduction explaining what will happen throughout this 30-day challenge and action steps for you to take.
A daily action plan is provided for you to reference so you know what you should be working on every day in order to write a blog post outline as well as a specific task to help you feel less stressed about preparing one blog post to be published each Monday of the challenge.



You'll find links to blog posts I've already written that are directly related to blogging tips including SEO, how to start a blog, how to format a blog post, Growth & Traffic tips, etc.



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Download and print them to keep track of blog post ideas, stats, and promotions or you can save money and print them once and buy these Dry Erase Pockets and Pens like I did.
By using these pockets, you're cutting down on so much paper and ink waste.


how other bloggers can churn out new blog posts like it ain't no big thang?

They've created positive and realistic blogging habits by setting up a Time Management Schedule and a system where they've broken down all the steps from idea to promotion to help get everything researched, written, and promoted in bite-sized, stress-free tasks.  

Learn To  Blog Consistently...


Blogging is a great way to grow your reach and engagement with your target audience. It’s also fun and easy to do and frankly, it can be quite profitable if you do it right.



Over the next 30 days, I invite you to take the blogging challenge. I’ll have a new email for you each day linked with a helpful blog post that will help you accomplish one of two things:

1. Give You Plenty of Ideas for New Content to Help You Become a More Consistent Blogger...



My first goal with this challenge is to give you plenty of ideas for things to blog about. It’s hard sometimes to come up with something fresh and unique to write about.


When you’re stuck with writer’s block or just feeling a little uninspired, look no further than these quick and easy content posts.


Use them right away, or file them away for those days when you’re struggling to post consistently.

2. Tips, Strategies, and How-To Info to Help You Become a Better Blogger


My second goal is to challenge you to become a better blogger. We all have areas that we can improve on. Together, we can strive to do better.


Every other day I’ll have a new tip, idea, or strategy for you. Try them as we work through the challenge and start incorporating as many of them as possible into your blogging.


The reward will be more engagement, more traffic, more subscribers, and hopefully, as long as you put in the work and have ways to make sales from your blog, more cash in your pocket – results will vary of course, but I promise to share my best stuff with you.

How This Will Work...


Each day for the next 30 days, I’ll post here on the blog and share either a content or strategy tip with you.


Check your email each day for 30 days where I'll share my best tips and ideas.


I hope you'll join me and follow along in this 30 Day Challenge.


If you haven’t already done so, you can sign up for the daily emails in this 30 Days Of Blog Posts Challenge where I’ll share the day's post and some other bits and pieces with you.

Who is this challenge for?



This 30-day challenge concept can be applied to any niche.


  • If you’re a food blogger, share 30 recipes that follow a certain theme (i.e. 30 Day Slow Cooker Dinners and then turn it into a challenge) and invite readers through email and social media to check out your latest recipes to get traffic.


  • If you’re in the parenting niche, share 30 simple crafts, or review and recommend 30 children’s books.

  • If you’re in the self-improvement niche, find 30 Inspirational quotes and then write a blog post around each of them.

Ready to create healthy blogging



The basic idea is to challenge yourself to create consistent blogging habits over the next 30 days. Then take it a step further and learn how to create a time management and content creation system so that you always know what you need to do when you sit down at your computer and what you're going to do to grow your blog over the coming months.


I think you’ll love getting into the habit of blogging daily, and you’ll be amazed at how much your audience and your traffic will grow in those 30 days.


Remember: Blogging and promoting brings traffic, traffic grows your audience, and your audience brings in profits.

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I'd love to help others create heaps of content to grow their blogs, too :-)